7 Important Tips to Improve Website SEO 

In this article, we will explore different ways to improve website SEO. Improving website SEO may seem like a difficult process, but with a few tips to consider, you can perform expertly on this job. If you’re ready, let’s get started.

Developing website SEO means ranking high in Google search results. In other words, SEO becomes one of the most important factors in increasing website traffic. For this reason, you should carefully follow and fulfill the steps necessary to improve Website SEO. Let’s start with the first step of Website SEO improvement.

1. Improve Website Loading Speed

7 Important Tips to Improve Website SEO

The first step in improving website SEO is optimizing site speed. The speed level of the site has a direct impact on your Google rankings. It is seen in the research that the speeds of the websites that are in the first place in Google search results are much higher than those that are in the lower ranks. Therefore, if you want to improve website SEO, it is important to optimize your site so that it loads quickly.

Google’s PageSpeed Insights stands out as a free tool you can use in this regard. Here you may come across recommendations to optimize website speed, such as compressing your images, changing hosting, or deleting backups after saving them. Thanks to such suggestions, you can increase the loading speed of the website.

7 Important Tips to Improve Website SEO

2. Increase Website Dwell Time

7 Important Tips to Improve Website SEO

Dwell time indicates the number of times users spend on a page. So if your dwell time rate is low, it means that your users did not like your page very much. The Google algorithm understands when users enter and exit your page instantly pretty much like this: “This page is not interesting enough.” If its algorithm defines your pages in this way, it will not put you at the top of the search lists. You should already have understood that. Therefore, extending dwell time is important for improving website SEO. For example, you can add a related video to your blog page. Users staying on your page for the duration of the video will also increase the session time.

3. Beware of Link Usage

7 Important Tips to Improve Website SEO

To improve website SEO, you should pay attention to the links you use within the site. In order to ensure the transition between pages, you should constantly use internal links. However, it is also important to position these links naturally within the content. In addition, the Google algorithm asks you to use not only internal site links but also external site links. At this point, if you link to a competitor, you can contribute to increasing their dwell time. But we do not want this, we want to take first place by eliminating all competitors. For this reason, you should also make sure that you find the right source when external linking.

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4. Keyword Usage

7 Important Tips to Improve Website SEO

Creating a keyword strategy should be one of your primary goals to improve website SEO. For this, it is necessary to determine a specific keyword phrase for each content page on your website. Distributing the determined keywords within the content proportionally is another issue that you should pay attention to. SEO keywords generally appear as terms added to online content to improve search engine rankings. Most keywords are discovered during the keyword research process. The keyword you choose in your content planning should be based on a combination of search volume, competition, and commercial intent.

You should also pay attention to the use of Long-Tail keywords here. The long-tail keyword simply means the most searched phrases. However, the fact that they are the most searched also brings with it the fact that they are the words with the most competitors. In other words, you have a lower chance of getting a head start using such high-volume words. For this reason, it will always be more beneficial to choose keywords that are related to your industry and have a high commercial purpose.

5. Constantly Update Your Content

7 Important Tips to Improve Website SEO

To improve website SEO, you should not forget to constantly stay up to date. This applies to every area of your site, but the content area has a very important effect. If your site content is not what users want, Google will not rank you higher. On the contrary, it ignores it and tries to push you down. When your users see content based on old data on your site, they may think that your site is an old site. That’s why they exit instantly.

As we said before, you need to keep users on the page as much as possible. You can support your site content with regular content production by constantly optimizing it according to up-to-date data. So your users can know that your site is the active site.

6. Update Metadata

7 Important Tips to Improve Website SEO

To improve website SEO, it is necessary to constantly monitor and update your metadata. Here you come across different types of metadata. The most important metadata of a page is the Meta Title. This data is responsible for the page titles displayed at the top of a browser window and as a title in search engine results. It’s important to include keyword phrases when editing meta titles.

Another metadata, the meta description is defined as a textual description that a browser can use in your page search return. The meta description is a general summary of your page. It is one of the most important data that informs the user about whether or not to click on your page. The meta description should consist of an attractive and short sentence.

7. Don’t Forget To Use Alt Tags

To improve website SEO, always describe your images and videos using alt tags or alternative text descriptions. The use of alt tags allows the Google algorithm to find your page more easily.

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