LinkedIn Page Analytics – Guide for The Beginners

Using LinkedIn Page analytics guides you on how to monitor, measure, and optimize LinkedIn data. It can also help you grow your LinkedIn profile organically. How to use LinkedIn Page Analytics, what information stands out, and how to evaluate this information? You can find the answers to all these questions in the rest of our article.

Understanding LinkedIn page analytics is critical to the success of your profile. Basically, LinkedIn page analytics can help you track progress, measure success, and connect with your audience. Read on for must-track metrics, insightful reports, and more.

How to Use LinkedIn Page Analytics?

LinkedIn Page Analytics - Guide for The Beginners

There are two different ways to access LinkedIn page analytics information. The first is LinkedIn’s built-in analytics tools. The second is Linkedin tools developed by other software developers. Both ways aim to help you to monitor the progress of your profile. It also provides detailed information about your page’s performance.

To access the LinkedIn dashboard, simply go to your company page and click on the Analytics tab. A drop-down menu includes options to view analytics for Visitors, Updates, Followers, Competitors, and Leads. Now let’s take a look at what they are one by one.

1. Visitor Analytics

One of the prominent data with LinkedIn page analytics is visitor analytics. In this section, you can see people who come to your page but do not follow your brand on LinkedIn yet. With LinkedIn page analytics, you can use featured visitor analytics to detect traffic patterns and tailor your LinkedIn updates for new visitors.

It can lead to visitors to your page turning into new followers and increasing social engagement. Thus, you discover a way to increase LinkedIn followers.

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2. Update Measurements

Update metrics that come with LinkedIn page analytics show how effective your LinkedIn updates are. Here you can observe if your followers are interested in your updates. If your update analytics show low engagement, starting to test different variants can help you create a more effective content plan. You can also determine the best time to post on LinkedIn accordingly.

3. Followers Analytics

Follower analytics data shows you who interacts with your page content and updates. The main purpose here is to understand the movements of the users who follow you. When you understand your followers, it becomes possible to create content that speaks directly to them. Followers Analytics included with LinkedIn page analytics can help improve engagement and traffic. Follower Analytics information is determined by the location, job, seniority, industry, and company size of your followers.

4. Competitor Analytics

LinkedIn Page Analytics - Guide for The Beginners

One of the most important pieces of information in LinkedIn page analytics data is competitor analysis. With LinkedIn competitor analysis, it becomes possible to compare your page followers and interactions with competitors. Making such comparisons is very useful for creating a social media strategy.

5. Lead Analytics

You can create a form to attract leads on your LinkedIn page. These forms are continuously monitored by lead analytics. In this way, you can also track potential customers and conversions. Metrics like conversion rate and cost per lead can give you an idea of how effective your campaigns are.

6. Employee Advocacy Analytics

Employee advocacy analytics is developed to help LinkedIn Page admins review how employees engage with recommended content. You can view metrics such as the number of recommendations made for your brand’s employees and the number of comments made on employee posts.

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7. LinkedIn Post Analysis

Post analysis, which stands out among LinkedIn page analytics, is directly related to content planning. It is possible to review the metrics of a particular post by clicking View Analytics in the lower right corner of a post. Linkedin post analytics shows the number of impressions and interactions of the post. It can also show the demographics of people who have reached out to you.

8. LinkedIn Profile Analysis

Following LinkedIn profile analytics can help you better develop your LinkedIn profile and grow your brand. These stats can be found on your profile, directly under your Dashboard. Various suggestions can be made to you by LinkedIn tools in profile analysis. Such suggestions aim to make your profile more suitable for the algorithm.

Metrics Tracked with LinkedIn Page Analytics

LinkedIn Page Analytics - Guide for The Beginners

LinkedIn Page Analytics offers you a lot of metrics. Attempting to examine all of these can lead to confusion. Therefore, it is sufficient to examine the basic information and get insights about your brand. Also, the LinkedIn metrics you should track depend on the marketing goals you set. Here are some key metrics you should follow.

1. Impressions

With LinkedIn Page Analytics, it’s possible to know the total number of times your posts are visible in milliseconds. This will help you monitor how many people the post reaches.

2. Reactions, Comments, and Shares

With LinkedIn Page Analytics, you are able to review the engagement metrics of the post. Engagement metrics count the number of times your post receives reactions, comments, or shares. With LinkedIn Reactions, your followers can choose emojis to show they like, congratulate, support, love, find insight, or wonder about the content you share.

3. Clicks

It is possible to observe how many people are really interested in the post you share on LinkedIn. So instead of swiping something that belongs to you on LinkedIn, the user interacts with it and you can see how many people are doing this.

The use of LinkedIn page analytics allows you to effectively develop your brand’s social media strategy. It’s also great for increasing organic engagement and reaching more people. You can start using LinkedIn page analytics and start growing your brand page effectively.
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