How To Use SMM Panel?-Explore The Best Ones

The question of “How to use SMM panel?” is asked by many concerned. In this article, we will take a closer look at one of the most comprehensive panels, the Pigo SMM panel, along with the answers to this question.

SMM panels, defined as an online stores, provide many advantages for their users. If you do not know what an SMM panel is, visit the What is an SMM Panel?

SMM panels are created with extremely simple systems for customers to use. This fact is one of the first reasons why they have become one of the most popular stores in recent years. Simple interfaces, fast shopping, and fast return results! What more could one want in today’s rapidly evolving world of technology?

When you want to gain likes, followers, views, or increase traffic for your platform, you come across many SMM panel options. Choosing among such options may seem like a complex process, but a few criteria that you will consider may help you. Before you start using the SMM panel, make sure you choose a comprehensive platform with the following features;

  • Easy interface,
  • Fast customer support,
  • Secure payment methods,
  • Wide choice store.

The Pigo Likes SMM panel is one of the systems with a simple interface. You do not need to have any programming knowledge to use the panel. Detailed explanations, educational blogs, and fast response customer service allow you to become an expert on the panel. So how is the usage of the Pigo SMM panel? Let’s take a look together.

How to Use SMM Panel with Pigo Likes?

Let’s examine the Pigo panel in detail in the question “How to use SMM panel?”. There are three simple steps you need to follow in the system. Register, add payment information, and order! The stages, which are quite simple, may seem complicated for users. However, it is possible to use the system easily with the guide we have prepared for beginners.

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Sign In To The Pigo SMM Panel

Basic information is sufficient to register to the Pigo Likes SMM panel system. Your full name, your email and phone number to be notified of system notifications, and a username! After you set a strong password for yourself, it is enough to confirm your email. You are now in the system!

Add Payment Method

Regardless, you have signed up for an online store after all. And we all know very well the steps required to shop in online stores. Therefore, we continue on our way by adding a payment method. Pigo Likes has a very strong and reliable system in this regard. It is enough to set a balance in your account by choosing the most suitable method for you from Papara, Binance, PayPal, and Wish Money. Now you are ready to shop!

Let’s Explore Pigo SMM Panel

Let's Explore Pigo SMM Panel
Let’s Explore Pigo SMM Panel

You have registered in the SMM panel, and defined money for payment… Now it’s time to shop!

After registering in the system, you will see multiple options. So what are they? And which one do you need? Let’s continue to explore the answers for “How to use SMM panel?” with Pigo Likes!

Pigo SMM Panel – New Order

When you want to buy followers, views, traffic, or likes in the Pigo SMM panel, just come to the New Order tab. You can examine the types of offers under the Category heading. You can add your account link if you want to raise traffic to your website or to gain followers on your social media accounts. Or you can add a post link to get likes, or to attract viewers to your story! Also, remember that your social media account must be public, not private!

Then add how many likes or followers you want to get in the “Quantity” section. The Pigo system instantly displays the pricing per like or follow. If everything is ok, you can complete your order by clicking the Submit button. The purchased offer is instantly defined in your account.

Pigo SMM Panel – Mass Order

Mass order
Mass Order

When you want to place more than one order at the same time, it can be difficult for you to process one by one. The Pigo panel creates the Mass Order tab to save you time. In this section, transactions can be made on more than one social media account or website at the same time. You can have a safe shopping by following the detailed explanations during the ordering phase. Contact Pigo Likes for more questions!

View All Services in One Section

The Pigo SMM panel creates a service package with many variants for customers. While shopping, you may want to make detailed examinations to find the most suitable one for you. At this stage, you can go to the Services tab and review all the services offered to you by Pigo. Do not forget that it is also possible to create your own personal offer package! If you cannot find what you are looking for among the services, simply write what you want to the customer service. Since the Pigo team aims at 100% customer satisfaction, we will immediately respond to your request.

Track Your Orders


There is an Orders tab in the SMM panel to track the status of your order. Here you can see the processing process of your order. Detailed analyzes such as status, balance, and remaining time allow you to see the efficiency of each order. In more than one order such as a mass order, the order tab can be important in terms of creating an order. Thus, the control of your account is always in your hands.

Create your Own SMM Panel

“How to use SMM Panel?” question may differ for each panel. Finding reliable systems with an easy interface seems like a difficult process. It’s not hard to guess that there are hundreds of customers out there looking for a reliable system. So don’t you want to offer them one of the most comprehensive panels?

It is possible to make the Pigo Likes interface your own thing! And for only 25% a month! You can create your own panel by using the Child panel feature and use the Pigo Likes SMM features. Admin control in your own panel is completely in your hands! If you want to expand your business, contact us and get detailed information.

Do you want to make money with SMM panel?

What if we say that there is a tab in the Pigo SMM panel that allows you to earn money? Yes, that’s true! All you have to do is share the referral link with your friends who want to use the SMM panel! For each customer you bring to the Pigo SMM panel, you get 2% of their deposit. Come on, share now!

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