Is SMM Panel Legal or Illegal in 2022?

Everybody ask us is using an SMM Panel legal or illegal? for buying Instagram followers, Facebook Likes. If you want to buy SMM Services you should know the following.

SMM panels are very popular tools used by many marketers to grow their digital presence, and they are very good tools for resellers and providers of SMM services because it organize everything from orders to clients to accounting.

But everybody is worried about these questions Is owning an SMM panel legal? Is Buying SMM services legal? Do social media accounts block me when I use SMM Panels? We will help you and clear it up to you so you can understand every thing related to SMM panels.

Is it illegal to own an SMM Panel? Is SMM Panel Legal in all countries?

If you want to own an SMM panel in 2021 and you want to sell SMM services it is Legal, you will now be followed by government because you didn’t break any law, and no country restrict SMM panels in the world.

Because of this, anyone who would like to enter this business he can just purchase an SMM Panel and sell SMM services.

To make sure you are using a safe SMM panel and hosting you can get your free consultation from Pigo Likes

Own Your SMM Panel 25$ / Month

Our SMM panels are hosting on a very secure server in addition to CDN security layer that it is installed on our servers. We also provide Child panels services starting 20$ per month with many control features.

Know more about Child Panels and how they works and what differ them from regular panels

Does all SMM services Legal ? Is there Illegal SMM Services

When it comes to SMM services there is thousands of services that are provided to all Social Media Platforms, but we don’t allow spam services at our panels because we focus always on providing the highest quality SMM services.

In addition to that Spam Services are not allowed in some countries and when you try to sell these types of services you will be doing illegal job and to avoid all these mistakes we restrict all kind of spam services.

Is Buying Instagram Followers Legal? Is Buying Facebook Likes Legal?

For social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram… selling SMM services to their platforms is illegal and against their terms and conditions.

But this will not affect your profiles, for example if you bought Instagram Followers your account will not be blocked and will continue normally. Also maximum they will remove the followers that they think they are fake.

So using SMM panel on social media is 100% safe, in addition to that you are not required to enter any password or credential information you just put the link of the post. Because of this using SMM panel is safe.

So if you are asking your self Is buying Instagram followers Legal? Is SMM Panel Safe? then the answer will be illegal for social media platforms but safe and SMM panel legal for all countries laws.

Is paying for SMM Panel Legal and Secure?

If you go to any website to buy any digital service you will pay normally through the payment gateway available on that site, and here is the same. When you are paying for SMM panels it is completely legal because you are not buying any illegal stuff or services and they are not restricted by any country then SMM Panel Legal with no violations.

When it comes to security make sure 100% that your credential information will not be saved at our database everything will be done on the payment gateway website.

For example you choose to pay via PayPal then you set the amount of funds you want and through API you will pay on PayPal website.

You can pay on Pigo Likes via Credit Card, Paypal, Bitcoins, Web Money, Payeer, Binance and many other payment gateways.


Anybody ask you is SMM panel legal? then directly answer him, they are legal and you can use them in any country and there is no restrictions on that. According to social media platforms it is against their terms of services but your social media account will neve get hurt and everything is secure and safe and we don’t ask for any credential information.