SMM Child Panel vs Regular Panel – Full Guide 2022

SMM child panel is a panel same as regular SMM panel functionality but with limited features available in it and used by beginners.

In SMM Panel business thier is two types of panels:

  1. Regular SMM Panel
  2. Child SMM Panel

Many beginners who want to start in SMM business they can own their SMM child panels with simple steps.

What is SMM Panel? – Regular Panel

SMM Panel is a Social Media Marketing panel that provide SMM Services such as (Facebook Likes, Instagram Followers, Tiktok Followers, Youtube Subscirbers…) and user register in it then he add funds and purchase these services.

Regular SMM Panel Sitemap Structure - SMM Child PAnel connection to SMM Panel

Regular SMM panel is a system that connect SMM service providers with resellers through API and they can add their commission rate on each service.

In addition to that they can get services from multiple Service Providers API’s and they have full control on their panels and it is hosted on client web server.

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What is SMM Child Panel?

Child SMM Panel is same as regular panel but with limited features and differences and lets break up the difference so you can understand it more.

1- Ownership of the Panel

One of the biggest differences between regular panel and SMM child panel is the ownership. When you buy a child panel because it have low maintenance cost, you actually buying a sub panel in the service provider server.

Your child panel will be linked to the main SMM panel and you will get services only from them.

When you focus on lowing your costs by buying a child panel you don’t have 100% control on your panel but the owner of the main panel have.

Because of this users of child panels sooner or later they will move into regular panel because they want full control of their clients and API providers.

2- Service Providers Limit

The second big difference between SMM child panel and regular panel is the limit of API you can connect to your child panel.

When you buy SMM child panel you are forced to get services from one provider which is the same child panel provider. You are not free to choose the service providers you want, there is only 1 API in your panel.

3- Cost of Maintenance

The cost of child panel is approximately between 20$ to 25$ per month. It have unlimited orders that pass under the main SMM panel. You just get your domain name and start selling services.

Comparison Table Between SMM Child Panel and SMM Regular Panel

ComparisonSMM Child PanelRegular SMM Panel
OwnerLimited Under the main SMM panel rulesFull Control of the panel
Service ProvidersYou have 1 provider which is the owner of main panelUnlimited providers and API access
Cost25$ Per MonthStarting 50$ Per Month
Order Refill
Resell Child Panel
Provide API
Change Balance

Should I start with Child Panel or Regular Panel?

At Pigo Likes we will advice you to start with Child SMM Panel because have full access to every thing and have full control of your clients.

Less Costs More Profits

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Child panel is a great choice for beginners who have small amount of clients and he want to manage his orders and make some profits.

But if you want to grow more and more you need to create your own Regualr SMM Panel to have the full control of every single feature and increase you services by syncing them from multi providers.