What is an SMM Panel? Full Guide 2022

When it comes to social media the SMM panel is the best solution to grow organically. You will see social media top trend in 2021 and everybody, every business want to grow his digital presence especially when the business is a startup and want to grow organically.

What is an SMM Panel? Definition of SMM Panel:

SMM Panel stands for Social Media Marketing Panel and this panel provide SMM Services (Social Media Marketing Services) for all platform in addition to SEO Services.

This type of panels provide you SMM Services for example (Instagram Followers, Instagram Likes, Youtube Views, Youtube Subscribers, Tiktok Followers, Facebook Page Likes, Organic Website Traffic…).

One of the ways to grow your social media and website is to use SMM Services, but you should use it in a logical way.

Social media is a great way to grow your business and to create for it a good brand awareness and with the using of smm services you will grow faster.

How do SMM Panel Work?

SMM panel is a system that contain SMM services and user can register and make orders and this business is made up of a network divided into two main parts:

1- SMM Service Provider

So what is an SMM service provider? An SMM service provider is the company or person who have the technical skills, social media accounts on platforms, IP Addresses and servers who provide for SMM services for resellers.

Example on SMM Service Provider: Pigolikes.com

2- SMM Service Reseller

SMM service reseller are people who own an SMM panel and they get services from service providers through API which connect their panel to provider panel and it auto synchronize orders, prices and order status.

Pigo likes API is very flexible API and all resellers like to use it because it is fast and responsive. Also we provide child panels for startup resellers and help them to manage it.

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How to use SMM Panel ?

People who want to start a new business and they want to use SMM panel it is easy for them and doesn’t require any technical skills and you don’t need to enter any password of your social media profiles.

Steps to start Working with SMM Panel:

1- Register Account On Pigo Likes SMM Panel

You can register your account here

After you complete the form you will receive a verification email containing a link, click on it to activate your account.

2- Check the SMM Services at Pigo Likes

Pigo Likes SMM Services are found at this page with their prices and beside each service their is a button (Details) when you click on it you will see all information related to the selected service.

After you filter services by category and choose your service for example you want to buy Instagram followers then you filter the services by followers and select service form them.

3- Add Funds To Your Account

After selecting the SMM service you should add funds to your account to purchase that services

We have wide variety of payment methods and if all our methods doesnt work with your country we have other solutions you can contact us on Whatsapp: +96170767310

4- Make A New Order

After adding funds it is time to make a new order with this simple easy step.

And now our servers will start working and providing your purchased service .

It is easy step you only provide us the post link or account link and we will do the rest without entering any credentials or passwords.

Why Choose Pigo Likes As SMM Service Provider?

Pigo likes have been in the market for more than 8 years in addition to the professional team working in this company that focuses on providing the high quality SMM services to the clients.

In the market there is thousands of providers and resellers but what makes our company the best SMM Panel Provider?.

  1. Dedicated Servers to make sure orders start instantly fast and efficient
  2. Cheap prices and high quality
  3. Lifetime guaranteed services
  4. We provide API and Child Panels by our developers
  5. Special discounts for active users
  6. Support 24/7 (Tickets, Live Chat, Whatsapp)
  7. Integrations with all payment gateways and without extra fees


SMM Panel is the push of any startup if you use it in the right way and if you choose the best high quality SMM Services. Whenever you face any problem our team is online to help you just sign up to our panel.

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