Earning Money on Discord – A Detailed Guide to Discord Monetization

Do you want to make money on Discord? Then continue reading our article because you will be able to get detailed information about Discord monetization!

What is Discord?

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Discord is an application that allows communities to connect online, founded in 2015. Although its biggest competitors are Twitch and Kick, Discord has a completely different place among users. It is possible to explore broader areas of interest here, unlike other platforms.

The Discord platform has a number of features, including text, voice and video chat, as well as the ability to share files and media. Users can create servers in different areas or join ready-made servers.

The high user rate allows content creators to earn money through Discord. So how can you make money through Discord? Come on, let’s see it together.

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Discord Monetization

There are different methods to make money on Discord. Here are some methods you can explore for Discord monetization:

Product Sales

One of the things you can do for Discord monetization is to sell products. Here you can sell your own brand products to your users. In addition to selling a physical product, you can also create paid services. For example, you can offer courses on graphic or web design. You can even create a course about Discord itself.

Membership or Subscription

Did you know that you can earn money from your members or subscriptions via Discord? Of course, for this you need to make sure that you offer quality and worth paying content to existing members. Additionally, other users may need to think that you are already a member and popular in order to pay the subscription fee. If you do not have enough Discord memberships, you can buy real Discord members at the cheapest prices and trigger organic interaction.

Affiliate Marketing

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Another move you can make for Discord monetization is to sell products of other brands. That means stepping into the world of affiliate marketing. Here, you make agreements with various brands and sell their products through your own Discord channel. You will receive a certain commission on each sale. The aim is to ensure that your followers purchase the products of the contracted brand through the link you provide.


Similar to affiliate marketing, another move you can make for Discord monetization is sponsorships. Sponsors want their names to be mentioned as sponsors of a video content. But why should a brand sponsor you? If you have a large and interactive Discord community, sponsorships will find you. Remember that you need to increase the number of memberships to create a large Discord community.

Live Events

After all, Discord is a platform where live broadcasts can be made. Why not use these live broadcasts to organize various events. This feature is similar to product sales. You can request money from your members for your live broadcasts by creating seminar or workshop content in a specific field. The probability of participants turning into Discord members will also be quite high.

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Donations and Tips

Just like on Twitch and Kick, it is possible to receive tips or donations via Discord. And don’t forget to offer perks like special roles, exclusive content, or community recognition. Because in order for members to tip, they must first find your content valuable and interesting.


You can collaborate with other Discord members for Discord monetization. This will also be a very useful move to benefit from the target audiences of other Discord members. For example, you can make various publications together with another user with whom you publish on common topics. This will delight your members and expand your reach.

Overall, making money on Discord requires providing value to your community, building relationships, and finding creative ways to monetize your expertise, content, or community engagement. To maintain the trust and loyalty of your community members, remember to prioritize their needs and interests.

How to Buy Discord Members?

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We talked about the importance of having a high membership count for Discord monetization. High membership brings the following advantages:

  • Expanding Your Reach: Making your channel more popular means expanding its reach. You can get more job opportunities and more sponsorship opportunities.
  • Increasing Channel Reliability: To gain organic members, you must first create the perception that your channel is reliable. Since a high membership count is an indication that a channel is engaged and popular, your members will follow you without you.
  • Increasing Social Media Interactions: Being popular on one channel automatically means being popular on other channels. You can provide traffic to your other social media accounts through your Discord channel.

All these advantages indicate that you should purchase a Discord membership. Purchasing Discord members can be important to achieve rapid growth and initiate organic interaction. So how to buy Discord members?

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The membership purchasing option, which is an effective and fast method for Discord monetization, works very smoothly with Pigo Likes. If you have any problems, you can get more information about Discord monetization by contacting customer services 24/7.

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