How to Grow on Kick? – Best Tips for 2024

Looking to grow on Kick, one of the popular live streaming platforms? To grow on Kick, you should focus on increasing your live stream participation and increase your number of followers. We will share with you the most effective tips to grow on Kick. Without further ado, let’s get started.

Why Should You Grow on Kick?

Why Should You Grow on Kick?

Wondering why you should grow on Kick when there are huge live streaming platforms like Twitch and Discord? Allows us to explain it to you briefly.

Launched in 2022, the Kick platform offers many advantages for both streamers and viewers. Let’s focus on two main reasons: Moderation and Payout!

The Advantage of More Free Streams

The first reason you need to grow on Kick is to be able to stream much more freely. Twitch and Discord platforms impose strict bans on streamers. But on Kick, there are far fewer rules for content creators to follow.

For example, streaming about gambling on Twitch is prohibited. On the other hand, the Kick platform does not impose any rules regarding the prohibition of gambling. You can share gambling-related content via Kick.

The main reason for this is that Kick was actually launched by a company called, which is an online casino site. Itt would be strange for a platform coming from a site related to gambling to impose bans on gambling, right?

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The Advantage of Making More Money

Perhaps the main reason why you should grow through Kick is the advantage of making more money. Content creators who are members of the Kick Creator Program can earn much more than what they earn on Twitch, Discord and YouTube platforms.

Twitch takes a 50% cut of the amount content creators earn from subscriptions. YouTube cuts 45%. What about Kick?

Kick allows you to earn 95% of the revenue you earn through the platform. So it only cuts 5%. For this reason, Kick appears as the platform with the most money-making potential.

For these reasons, many content creators continue to decide to switch to Kick. Whether you are a beginner or already have a streaming career and want to grow on Kick, here are the most effective tips we have put together for you!

Tips to Grow on Kick

Tips to Grow on Kick

To grow on Kick, you may need an effective social media strategy. Remember, even though Kick is new, it is a huge platform with over 20 million active users.

Remember that you are not the only one who wants to grow on Kick. If you want to grow on this platform as a streamer, do not forget that you need to put in effort. Let’s look at what you need to do to grow on Kick.

1. Be an Active Streamer

As a streamer who wants to grow on Kick, you must first show that you have an active profile on the platform. If your followers don’t see regular content, they won’t trust your profile. Remember that one of the reasons for following you may be their desire to participate in the broadcast regularly.

When it comes to publishing regularly, the first rule is planning. Posting haphazardly makes it difficult for your Kick followers to keep up with you. Consider establishing a consistent streaming schedule, like the same time every week, so your followers know when to expect your streams automatically.

2. Don’t Forget That You Are a Content Creator

A successful content creator doesn’t limit themselves to just one platform; they’re everywhere! If you aim to grow on Kick, remember to actively share your content on your other social media accounts as well.

Sharing on other social media accounts primarily helps you create brand awareness. When we say brand, we mean your profile or name! Users who constantly see you on different platforms will eventually decide to check out your Kick profile as well.

3. Collaborate with Other Streamers

Collaborate with Other Streamers

To grow on Kick, you must increase your audience reach. One of the ideal ways to do this is to collaborate with other streamers. Followers of other users allow you to meet a new audience.

Try collaborating with popular accounts with similar interests and audiences. This way you can notify other users about the existence of your Kick account. Collaborating is an ideal way to show not only reach but also how active an account you are. So it can actually help you gain trust.

4. Engage with Your Target Audience

To grow on Kick, you must constantly engage with your target audience. Streamers that build a loyal fan base may tend to grow much faster than others. You can respond to comments and messages on your streams to interact with your target audience.

When your followers see a friendly and interactive environment, they will want to participate in your streams more enthusiastically. By combining engaging broadcast content and interaction, you can grow on Kick in a short time.

5. Get Kick Live Stream Viewers

Get Kick Live Stream Viewers

If you want to grow on Kick, you must increase the number of participants in your streams. Getting more Kick live stream viewers also gives newcomers the impression that the content is interesting. Additionally, streams with high participation are boosted in other users’ accounts.

Buying Kick followers can help you gain more engagement. You can reach your growth goals in a shorter time with Kick followers that have real profile pictures. However, do not forget that for real growth it is necessary to always publish regular content, make quality streams and constantly interact with your target audience.
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