How to Increase Post Likes? For All Social Media Accounts

Do you know which steps you need to follow to increase post likes? Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Tik Tok, and more… Our social media accounts are now a part of our daily life! A communication network where we share our daily activities and special moments… Social media is even more for business owners. There are many different areas that expand their business through the post they shared today. Therefore, each post shared on social media has its own value. Your popularity is increasing due to the attention given to the posts. How many likes a post received is a matter of curiosity for many.

If you want to increase the number of likes on social media, whether for work or for your personal page, you are in the right place. With a few tips we have given you, you will see that the likes on your social media accounts have skyrocketed.

Ways to Increase Post Likes on Social Media

increase post likes

The number of likes on social media accounts is not only important in terms of popularity. Most social media platforms, including Instagram, Youtube, and Tik Tok, aim to rank posts higher in the news feed based on the number of likes. While the posts that receive a lot of likes are moved to the top, the visibility of your profile also increases over time. So more likes also mean more traffic.

If you want to increase post likes in image-based social networks, you can follow these steps:

Share Unique Visuals

People always like new, interesting and challenging photos. You need to make sure you don’t have duplicate content on your profile. You can analyze the content shared by different users to increase post likes. After analyzing your own profile, it may be beneficial for you to make a plan for original content production. Show that your profile is different from everyone else with unique visuals that have not been shared before!

Leave Call To Action To Increase Post Likes

Asking your followers to like your post is always a smart move. You can add a call to action sentence like “Don’t forget to like for more” under your post. Do not neglect the use of popular hashtags outside of CAT. However, the use of hashtags must be linked to your post. With the relevant hashtag words, you can make your post rank higher on the explore page.

Plan Hashtags Wisely

increase post likes

You need to plan the hashtags you use wisely to increase your post likes. The Explore tab has many posts from hashtags. But social media algorithms disable the use of hashtags unrelated to images. In addition, such uses can reduce your quality. Always take care to plan the smartest hashtags. For this, you can search for the most popular keywords related to your post. You can get help from the best hashtag planning apps for this.

Get the Timing Right

Remember that you need to share posts in the right time slots to increase post likes. You should share the time zones in which people use social media in the region where you live. Of course, this issue may require different analyzes for each social media platform. For example, according to a study for Instagram, people leave the most interaction between 10 pm and 3 am. You can plan post-sharing by researching the interaction rates of platforms such as Youtube and Facebook.

Interact with Other Accounts

Do not forget to interact with other accounts to increase post likes on social media accounts. For example, you can collaborate, and mention other accounts in your own posts. Traffic flow between accounts can be beneficial to increase post likes. You can also organize raffle events for your followers.

Discover the Advantages of SMM Panels

SMM panels are creating a fast and easy way for boosting your social media accounts. You can get help from SMM panels to increase post likes to your personal or business accounts in line with the relevant targets. Although it may seem like a short-term solution, it is one of the most ideal ways to ignite your account at the beginning. It is up to your creativity to keep the traffic coming to your social media accounts with the SMM panel. By producing quality content, you can keep the incoming stream constantly alive.

Note that SMM panels have separate services for Instagram, Youtube, and Tik Tok platforms. So whatever your target platform is, you can find unique service packages for it. You can also create the package you want in the Pigo Likes panel. Activate your social media accounts right now by checking out the comprehensive packages. Show all your followers that you are assertive on social media by increasing post likes.