How to Use Discords: A Beginner’s Essential Guide

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What is Discord?

How to Use Discords: A Beginner’s Essential Guide

Discord is an application that was released on May 13, 2015. Here is the definition of the Discord site:

“Discord is a voice, video, and text chat app that’s used by tens of millions of people ages 13+ to talk and hang out with their communities and friends.”

In short, Discord is an app created for messaging, voice calls or video calls with friends or strangers with common interests. In terms of structure, it has similar features to the Zoom application. However, it provides a much broader service in terms of the features it offers.

It is possible to join Discord’s text, audio, or video chats from mobile devices or desktop computers. Generally, users tend to be more comfortable here than users on other social media sites.

Why Should You Use Discord?

Discord initially comes across as an app designed for gamers. However, over time, it expands its target audience and begins to serve in a much wider area. Discord continues to be popular as conversations expand far beyond the gaming zone, into music, culture, politics, art, and beyond.

The main reason to use Discord is that the platform is free. Of course, some features are paid; especially for publishers! But as a follower, joining conversations on Discord is generally free.

How to Use Discord?

How to Use Discords: A Beginner’s Essential Guide

Using Discord can seem complicated compared to other social media platforms. However, the reason why it is so popular is that it offers a very easy user interface. So you don’t have to be afraid; Here are the steps you need to follow to use Discord.

1. Download The App

The Discord application can be run both on your phone and on your computer. If you don’t want to get an application, you can also log in via a web browser. The platform, which develops mobile applications for Android and iOS, continues to offer an easy-to-use experience. It is also possible to download a desktop client to use more advanced features such as game overlays. Free downloads are available for this for Windows, macOS, or Linux.

2. Register

When you log in to the application or the platform via a web browser, you need to register. For this, the first thing that is asked of you is to choose a username. You are free to use your creativity in the username. Most people use nicknames, but you can also enter your real name and create a simple username. You can then enter your e-mail account and set a unique password for your account.

How to Use Discords: A Beginner’s Essential Guide

3. Select a Server

After registering in the application, you are asked to join a server. Plus, it’s also possible to start your own server. So what are these servers?

Servers appear as the main forums on Discord and form the basis of the application. Each server belongs to different users, rules, and communities. You can easily join as some of them are open to everyone. To join private servers, you need to send an invitation. It is possible to find the server of your favorite games, bands, or music genres, in short everything. You can easily join a server based on your interests.

Discord Interface:

There are four main sections in the main Discord interface. On the far left side of your screen are the servers you are involved in. Each server has its own icon. The screen changes when you tap the servers. If you want to be included in the chat channels on a server, you can take a look at the list on the right. Each of these channels creates chat rooms specific to different topics.

To the right of the main chat panel is a list of all users on the server. You can see who is online and what their activity status is. The blue Discord logo in the top left has the Home label. Click or tap this to see your list of friends and the DMs you’ve received.

4. Discover Ways of Communication

How to Use Discords: A Beginner’s Essential Guide

There are two basic ways to communicate on Discord: text channels and voice channels!

To see text channels, you can explore the hashtag (#) symbol in front of them. This symbol indicates that the channel is only available for text-based communication.

Audio channels are marked with a small speaker icon. If you click or tap on one of these voice channels, you are instantly connected to the voice chat. There are rules that may change depending on the server’s settings. If you do not want to send a voice message directly, you should make sure that the microphone is turned off.

5. Create Your Own Channel

It is possible to create your own channel via Discord. If you want, you can create a private channel or a public channel. You can start the channel creation process by tapping the + symbol at the bottom of the Servers panel. You can create a presenter for playgroups, co-workers, community events, or artists.

Remember to use an attractive name if you want your server to stand out to other users. It is also important to find an original painting. You can then add at least one category to your server. After fine-tuning, it’s done, you’re ready!

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How to Use Discords: A Beginner’s Essential Guide