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Demographics on Instagram can directly help you understand what your target audience is. Knowing the target audience closely is important in developing an effective Instagram marketing strategy. In this blog, we will look at demographics on Instagram in detail. Without further ado, let’s get started.

How to Find Demographics on Instagram?

With over 1.21 billion monthly active users, you can use a variety of methods to find demographic information on Instagram. Demographics on Instagram are especially important for creating a solid marketing plan. Let’s see how demographics can be discovered:

1. Instagram Insights

Instagram Insights

Instagram Insights allows you to see demographics in detail. If you have a business or creator account on Instagram, you can easily access Instagram Insights. Here it is possible to discover the age ranges, gender distributions, locations of the users who follow you and the times when they are most active on the platform.

To access Instagram analytics, all you have to do is go to your profile, tap the three lines in the top right corner and select “Insights.”

2. Third Party Analysis Tools

If Instagram insights data is not enough for you, there are various third-party analysis tools that offer more detailed analysis. These tools provide additional information to provide demographics on Instagram, such as target audience interests, follower growth over time, and engagement metrics.

3. Engaging with Followers

Engaging with Followers

Want to learn demographics on Instagram? So why not ask this to your followers? For example, you can start a survey through Instagram stories. In this survey, you can ask your followers questions about their age, interests, and preferences.

4. Analyzing Comments

You can learn demographics on Instagram by analyzing comments, likes and interactions on your posts. Analyzing these interactions can give you clues about the demographics of your target audience. For example, if you notice that your posts are getting a lot of engagement from users in a certain age group or geographic location, this can help you understand the demographics of your target audience.

Using these methods, you can gather valuable demographic information about your Instagram audience that can inform your content strategy and help you better tailor your posts to your audience’s preferences and interests.

A Closer Look at Instagram Insights

A Closer Look at Instagram Insights

We said that if you want to explore Demographics on Instagram, you can benefit from Instagram’s built-in analysis tools. The data here allows you to explore your demographic data in detail.

1. Number of Followers

Go to the top right corner of your profile and scroll down to “Insights.” To determine the demographics of your followers, go to the “Your Audience” tab. Here you can see how many followers you have and who followed or unfollowed you last week.

Instagram algorithm will give priority to active profiles with high followers. Therefore, know how many people follow you and this number should always be high.

2. Location

For Demographics on Instagram, you need to know where your followers come from. This will also be very useful for Instagram ads. Thus, when targeting ads, you can determine the location according to your target audience.

Instagram Insights only shows 5 locations. It may make sense to get help from third-party applications for more detailed location analysis. However, knowing the 5 most relevant positions will also be very useful.

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3. Age and Gender

To boost your Instagram profile, it is important to discover the age and gender of your target audience. You can find the age range and gender distribution of the target audience via Instagram Insights. In addition, the age distribution of men and women is given separately in this section.

Knowing gender and age distribution can be very important to ensure that the content plan is interesting. For example, you can determine trending topics according to age and gender and have the advantage of getting high interaction with your content.

4. Active Hours

Demographics on Instagram helps you find the hours when followers are most active. It can be very useful to look at a graph of the times and days when the influencer’s followers are most engaged. 

Marketers can queue up the post during these times, allowing for organic engagement, traffic, and better return on investment. Additionally, this information will be very useful for discovering the right time to post on Instagram.

How to Find Your Target Audience?

How to Find Your Target Audience?

Instagram audience refers to a group of people you want to reach with your Instagram marketing efforts.

This group will have certain common characteristics that tie them together and make them relevant to your brand. This could be anything from demographics to interests and values.

Discovering your target audience will also be beneficial to demographics on Instagram. In light of all this information, you will create more effective Instagram ads and receive more interaction on your profile.

To find your Instagram audience, you can rely on information about your brand’s existing buyer personas. Have a clear idea of what a typical customer for your business looks like.

You can learn a lot about your target audience by looking at your competitors’ Instagram audience. You can examine what kind of followers they have and what kind of posts they publish. Instagram for business can be shaped mostly by analyzing competitors.

Your target audience should have interests that are relevant to your brand and/or industry. This also means they will use or follow industry-related hashtags.

It’s your job to make sure you use these hashtags so the right people can discover your content. Moreover, it is possible to learn demographics on Instagram by following these hashtags.
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