How to Repost on Instagram? – Reels, Posts, Stories and Videos

If you want to repost on Instagram, you have discovered one of the most useful methods of increasing brand reach. There is no doubt that Instagram, one of the most popular social media platforms, has developed many different access methods for its users. Thanks to repost, it is possible to interact with other users, expand the target audience and create brand awareness. Then let’s start looking for answers to the question of how to repost on Instagram.

Benefits of Reposting on Instagram

Before examining the subject in detail, let’s find out why reposting on Instagram can benefit your brand. Thanks to Instagram, brands can reach larger audiences and gain faster visibility on other social media channels.

If you want to create brand awareness, you must first create a successful social media calendar. Because your target audience constantly wants to see new information. More precisely, they want to see that you are actively using Instagram. However, constantly posting on Instagram is harder than you think. Especially if you want to publish quality content!

The biggest of the Repost on Instagram advantages stands out here. For example, if you have to post every day, you can save time by reposting 1 or 2 days a week. Moreover, reposting on Instagram helps you highlight brand endorsements from your customers, brand loyalists, and employees.

How to Repost on Instagram? – Reels, Videos, Stories and Posts

How to Repost on Instagram? - Reels, Posts, Stories and Videos

There are many different methods for reposting on Instagram. However, the most effective method you can use to repost reels, videos and posts is stories. Instagram story views may be higher than post views. Because even though the algorithm constantly renews the posts, the story tab remains almost constant. So, we can say that the probability of your followers watching your stories is higher than the probability of seeing your posts.

If you don’t know how to repost any content to your Story, you can follow the steps below:

1. Go to the content you want to repost.

2. Click on the paper airplane symbol above the content.

3. Click “Add post to your story” in the drop-down menu.

That’s it. Now let’s take a look at how you should organize the content you repost in the story tab. Repost on Instagram can help you share creative posts.

How to Repost on Instagram? - Reels, Posts, Stories and Videos

Push Your Creativity with Repost on Instagram

When it comes to Repost on Instagram, you may think that a very easy process awaits you. But don’t you want to discover what happens when you push the limits of your creativity? When reposting on Instagram, you can alternatively apply the following to your stories:

  • To show or hide the title of the post, just tap the post. When you hide the sender’s header, it becomes easier to focus only on the content. When you share it with the sender, it becomes possible to increase interaction.
  • It can be a fun idea to decorate the repost with text and other elements to increase engagement. You can even add a link or call to action if you wish.
  • You can add stickers, location or music to the story. This way you can create a repost scheme that stands out.

Things to Consider Before Reposting Posts from Other Accounts

How to Repost on Instagram? - Reels, Posts, Stories and Videos

When reposting on Instagram, it’s important to ask permission from the original creator. In this way, the content creator’s efforts are not violated and you can expand your network for future collaborations.

It’s a good idea to ask users for permission by commenting on their photos and starting a conversation. “Do you mind if we share your posts?” You can post this question as a comment. Thanks to Instagram comments, it is possible to get interaction from users who read the comments.

If you don’t want to comment, you can send a direct message to the original post owner on Instagram. Take a screenshot of the post you want to share and send it to the owner and ask for permission. Sending a DM on Instagram may not always work. Therefore, you can also try contacting the creator via email.

How to Repost on Instagram? - Reels, Posts, Stories and Videos

Repost on Instagram – 4 Most Effective Advantages

Repost on Instagram brings you many advantages. The most important thing is to increase User Generated Content sharing. The 4 most effective benefits you gain when you share UGC content are:

1. Saving Time: Repost on Instagram helps you save time when creating content. You can save energy and time in content production by sharing high-quality visual content created by other brands on your own profile.

2. Sharing Original Content: Content created by other users is original. Your own content is the same way. You can keep the quality of content planning at a high level by sharing original content by reposting.

3. Previously Proven Content: The post you will repost has already been tried and tested by the original content creator. So you know it will be a successful post!

4. Increasing Brand Awareness: User-generated content allows brands to communicate directly with their followers on social media. It is possible to further strengthen the brand awareness creation plan.

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How to Repost on Instagram? - Reels, Posts, Stories and Videos