Instagram Stories Ranking Explained

Instagram stories ranking is a subject that everyone is curious about. Are the followers of the stories sorted randomly or according to a certain algorithm? In this article, we will shed light on this issue. If you’re ready, let’s start.

Instagram story feature was introduced to users as a new feature in 2016. It has been one of the most used features by users since the day it was developed. Similar to Snapchat, videos between 15 and 30 seconds, which are deleted within 24 hours, have become the favorite of those who want to share instant images. Those who want to share new updates with their followers, and those who want to publish images that they do not want to post, prefer Instagram stories.

With Instagram stories, you can interact with followers. Your followers can like, comment or leave a comment on your story. All this causes a question to arise in the minds of users. How are the viewers ranked?

Viewers’ names are not arranged in alphabetical order or any other logical order. Instagram users are wondering what algorithm the platform uses to determine the sort order. So let’s find out how Instagram organizes story views and how you can increase your audience to achieve your goals.

How Instagram Story Views Work

Instagram Stories Ranking Explained

We know you’re wondering about Instagram stories ranking, but first, let’s take a look at how Instagram views work. Followers who follow Instagram stories ranking are sorted in reverse chronological order until they reach 50 people. When more than 50 followers follow, the most interacted ones take the lead. Instagram stories ranking works according to a certain algorithm, not random.

According to the Instagram algorithm, those who rank first are those who visit their profile the most, like, and comment. So it’s not how you interact with them, it’s how they interact with you. Someone you follow very often may not appear at the top of the ranking. Because he doesn’t follow you that much. A brutal truth, but at least an honest algorithm. Now let’s get to know this algorithm closely.

Instagram Stories Ranking Explained

How Does the Instagram Algorithm Work?

Instagram stories ranking is constantly changing. So the method we mentioned above may not be valid for tomorrow. At this point, it is important to understand the logic of the algorithm. So what is the Instagram algorithm?

The Instagram Algorithm is a system that takes note of all your interests and interactions on the platform and uses that data to personalize your Feed. Instagram discovers your interests and creates a profile just for you. At this point, Instagram stories ranking also makes sense.

If a particular person engages with your posts a lot, they are very likely to appear at the top of your Story’s Feeds. 

So even if a particular person isn’t following you, they can still be at the top of your story. Because every time you post a story, s/he is watching, liking, or commenting! All of these are important for Instagram stories ranking.

Instagram Stories Ranking Explained 

Instagram Stories Ranking Explained

Instagram stories ranking is a term that briefly describes how viewers are ranked. Influencers, individual users, or brands can access the follower list by swiping up to see who their stories reach. However, it is a matter of curiosity how the list is ordered. This situation changes over time.

Previously, there was a perception that Instagram stories were ordered chronologically. In other words, the first minister appeared at the top, while the last one was at the bottom of the list. It also revealed that sometimes the list is arranged in alphabetical order. 

However, all this failed to reflect the truth about how the amazing Instagram algorithm works. The Instagram algorithm that monitors your every move does much more than that. The complex appearance of the list also explains this.

According to the description of the Instagram algorithm, the ranking is organized by likes, comments, likes, and profile visits. So those at the top of the list are the best of your followers. In fact, those who leave an expression to the story now rank at the top. Because they’re the ones who show the most interest in your story. And that’s what the algorithm likes most: interaction!

Why Instagram Stories Ranking Keeps Changing?

Instagram Stories Ranking Explained

Instagram stories ranking is constantly changing. If you take a look at who’s watching your story, you’ll notice a different view of the list every time you look at it. The Instagram algorithm reveals its professionalism and mystery in this regard.

The Instagram algorithm constantly reviews your activities and interests. It offers you more relevant content based on your interests. Therefore, it has a timeless operation. So if you have interacted with an account recently, you can see it at the top of the list. Plus, if your story is viewed by an account with similar interests, the algorithm can rank that account higher to spark your curiosity and connect you with the account owner.

Instagram Stories Ranking Explained

How to Rank Instagram Stories in Feed

When it comes to Instagram stories ranking, it is useful to take a look at the flow order. At this point, Instagram uses another algorithm to organize your home screen. In other words, this algorithm is different from the algorithm that watches the audience. The feed algorithm is much more focused on the user model/behavior in general.

Instagram stories ranking is about your audience. Feed flow is about you. So if you mostly look at your husband’s profile, it is quite normal to see him at first. The algorithm basically learns your habits and predicts your next move, providing a much better user experience. Thus, it becomes easier to follow the users or brands that you are most curious about.

Instagram is in the field of interest of many sectors, especially digital marketing. It is now one of the first platforms that come to mind when it comes to shopping and communication. By solving the algorithm, you can always discover sharing for your target audience and grow faster.

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Instagram Stories Ranking Explained