Everything You Need to Know About Instagram Threads App

It looks like Instagram Threads, a text-based conversation app, is poised to become social media’s new favorite. So, do content producers and brands know enough about Instagram Threads? Even if it’s not, it’s okay, because in this article we’ve gathered what you need to know about Threads.

What is the Instagram Threads App?

Instagram Threads is social media’s new text-based conversation app. It was presented to users by Instagram on July 5, 2023.

The Instagram Threads app basically allows users to follow what’s going on in the world and start their own conversations. Therefore, it has very similar points with The X application.

Threads app defines up to 500 characters per post. Plus, it has the ability to add photos, videos or links. At this point, it deserves to be among content producers and brands’ content marketing plans.

Everything You Need to Know About Instagram Threads App

How to Register to Instagram Threads App?

Creating an account on the Instagram Threads app is pretty easy. All you have to do is download the app and create an account. The application can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play Store. Account creation is very easy.

Threads is automatically linked to your Instagram account. So you don’t have to create an account from scratch. If you log in with your Instagram name, you will see your Profile screen. It is possible to add new information to the profile section. Or you can choose to import your Instagram bio section directly to Threads.

It is also possible to make your Threads profile public or private. You can make your content Public for all to see, or “Private” so that only users approved by you can see it. Then you can start following the profiles you want to follow. Finally, you can accept the Threads terms and agreement and start using the application.

What Should You Know About The Instagram Threads App?

Everything You Need to Know About Instagram Threads App

If you are new to the app, we think you should consider a few criteria. If you are primarily a brand, you can consider that the Instagram Threads app is the fastest-growing app in history. It has proven its popularity by crossing the 100 million user limit since its launch.

Secondly, Instagram Threads creates freedom of expression with the features it offers. Unlike Instagram, it has more character capacity. Because it’s text-based, it’s not hard to predict that users are ready to read what you type. It is also possible to strengthen your network between applications by sharing the posts you create on your Instagram story.

Threads, which is connected to Instagram, is in an advantageous position. For example, if you are a verified user on Instagram, you are automatically verified in Threads. Also, unlike Instagram, there are no ads or promotions in your main stream. Therefore, you are provided with a very fun and special flow theme.

Everything You Need to Know About Instagram Threads App

Why Should You Join Instagram Threads App as a Business Owner?

Here are the 4 main reasons you need to join the Instagram Threads app as a business owner:

1. Communication

Threads is basically a messaging platform. For businesses, this means “communication”. It is quite easy to create a special “Business Network” list and ensure that important updates and announcements reach the right people instantly. For example, you can directly share your brand’s product updates and special offers with your target audience.

2. Content Marketing

As a business owner, the Threads app has the potential to strengthen your content marketing strategy. Integrating with Instagram, it gives businesses the opportunity to share visual content with their followers. Thanks to Threads, it’s possible to effortlessly link your Instagram content with your relevant audience on Threads. Thus, your customers can always access up-to-date information about your brand.

3. Customer Support

Threads app lets you offer instant and personalized customer support to handle feedback. This feature attracts brands because customer support plays a vital role in building a positive brand reputation. Thanks to the fast messaging advantage of the application, you can offer timely solutions for your customers.

4. Expanding Social Media Network

Joining the Threads app allows you to expand your social media network. Plus, it creates networking opportunities with like-minded businesses and professionals. This way you can collaborate on projects and stay up to date with the latest trends.

How to Deactivate Instagram Threads Account?

Everything You Need to Know About Instagram Threads App

One of the people wondering about Instagram Threads is deleting or deactivating the account. You should remember that the Threads app is affiliated with Instagram. So if you prefer to permanently delete your Threads account, there is currently no way to do that without deleting your Instagram account. However, it is still possible to deactivate your account.

Deactivating your Threads account means your profile, likes and followers will be temporarily deactivated and hidden from other users. So your account isn’t deleted, it’s just deactivated. When you log in to the application with your password again, your account will be active again.

To deactivate the Instagram Threads account:

  1. Open the Threads app and tap your profile picture in the lower right corner.
  2. Tap the two lines in the upper right corner to access the settings menu.
  3. Select “Account” and tap on “Deactivate profile”.
  4. Confirm that you want to deactivate your account by tapping “Deactivate Your Profile”.

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Everything You Need to Know About Instagram Threads App

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Everything You Need to Know About Instagram Threads App