How Do You Get Paid on Kick? – Kick Creator Program

Do you know how to make money on Kick? First of all, you need to participate in the Kick Creator Program. Let’s see how you can monetize your Kick channel!

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Discord, Kick and YouTube may be the first platforms that come to mind when it comes to live broadcasting. However, now there is a new name on the market: Kick! So what exactly is Kick?

Kick was founded on December 1, 2022 by the owner of the famous casino site Stake. Kick, which appeals to various content creators, especially gamers, is a live broadcast service. Content producers can publish their own content or watch other broadcasts on the platform. Offering chat and donation features like Twitch and Discord has allowed it to grow rapidly.

Why switch to Kick when there are already giant live broadcast platforms such as Discord and Twitch? Well, we’ve heard this question a lot. The answer we will give you will be quite satisfactory: To earn more!

Kick only takes five percent of the revenue publishers earn from subscriptions, leaving them with a full 95 percent. Its 95% revenue share is the highest among other social media platforms. For example, on Twitch, this ratio is 50 percent.

So what can you do to make money on Kick? There are many methods for kick monetization, but first of all, you must join the Kick Creator Program.

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What is the Kick Creator Program?

Kick Creator Program is a program that allows content creators to earn money from the platform. Thanks to the Kick Creator Program, content creators can keep 95% of their subscription revenue.

The main rule on Kick is that the more you build your community, the more your income grows. Kick is very generous in revenue sharing and aims to ensure that highly interactive accounts earn more. Some of the prominent benefits of joining the Kick Creator Program include:

  • You get paid hourly for your Kick streams. If you are a member of the program, you can start earning money immediately, even if you only have a few Kick live stream viewers on your channel.
  • You will be able to keep 95% of subscription earnings.
  • You’ll have access to a number of special features such as running ads, selling products, and hosting giveaways.
  • You will be part of a fair, equitable and rapidly growing community.

Do you also want to join the Kick Creator program? Let’s see who can join the Kick Creator Program!

How to Join the Kick Creator Program?

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Kick Creator Program is exclusive. But unfortunately not everyone becomes a member of this program. To participate in the Kick Creator Program, you must meet a number of requirements. Here are those conditions:

  • Comply with Kick’s Terms of Service, Community Guidelines and DMCA Policy,
  • Becoming a Kick Verified Streamer,
  • Filling out the “About” section completely (including your other social media accounts here),
  • Having a minimum average of 100 Live Concurrent Views in the last 30 days,
  • Broadcasting for 50 hours in the last 30 days,
  • Having a minimum of 25 active subscribers in the last 30 days,
  • Having 500 unique chats in the last 30 days
  • 3 VODs in the last 30 days,
  • Having at least 1500 followers.

If you meet all these conditions, then you can take your place in the Kick Creator Program. Now you can increase your platform revenues with Kick monetization!

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How to Monetize Your Kick Streaming?

There are many different ways to increase your revenue on the platform, including the Kick Creator Program. Although the easiest way to start making money on Kick is to join the Kick Creator Program, other methods are also important to get a share of this income.

Earn Donations

We have very good news for you! If you are not a member of the Kick Creator Program and still want to make money from streaming, it is possible. You can ask your Kick viewers to donate to you. Additionally, all donations are yours. All you have to do is indicate that you accept donations through their payment processor.

Make a Subscription Offer

Just like on YouTube, it is possible to request a subscription fee through Kick. You can offer membership to your viewers and provide early access to exclusive content or new streams. How much the subscription fee will be is entirely up to you. It may be useful to compare other Kick streamers at this point and get an idea.

Find Sponsorship

You can increase your income through Kick by having a brand sponsor your Kick broadcasts. In order for Kick sponsors to find you, you must first have a large target audience. By buying kick followers, you can show that your channel appeals to a wide audience!

Affiliate Marketing

Another way to make money on Kick is through affiliate marketing. You can promote products or services on your feed and earn commission for every sale you generate. Similar to sponsorships, affiliate marketing may require a large target audience.

Improve Streaming Quality

To make money through Kick, first make sure you provide quality service. Nobody wants to watch a live broadcast that is constantly interrupted and has low video resolution. Show your followers how professional you are by improving your broadcast quality!

Remember, the more you post, the more likely you are to gain followers and make money. Keeping your viewers entertained and engaged with your broadcasts will also increase your income.
If you think your channel is not known enough, you can get help from your other social media accounts. If you don’t have enough engagement to enter the Kick Creator Program, be sure to contact Pigo Likes! The platform, which offers the highest quality Kick services at the cheapest prices, is here with a reliable and trouble-free shopping guarantee!

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