Marketing on Pinterest – Features Every Marketer Should Know

Marketing on Pinterest is directly related to many concepts such as brand awareness, potential customer network, sales rate and online popularity. With a network of monthly active users exceeding millions, it is important to market your business through Pinterest. Now we will discuss Pinterest features one by one.

What are Pinterest Features? – Marketing on Pinterest

pinterest smart feed

Pinterest is an image-based social media platform. The important thing is to create inspiring and creative content and market it to customers. Those who want to use Pinterest for business should master all the features below at this point.


There is no such thing as a post on Pinterest; There are pins. In fact, Pins are one of the most basic Pinterest terms. They consist of images or videos that users save to their boards. In addition to being able to save pins from Pinterest itself, users can also save pins via their website. Each pin has descriptions and links to the source. The main advantage of marketing on Pinterest is revealed here. Because website links can be added to pins. Thus, it becomes possible to increase website traffic.


Boards are collections where pins are saved or organized. Allowing the creation of multiple boards, Pinterest also allows users to create separate collections based on their interests. These collections can be made public or private. Other users can follow your boards directly and be notified of every new pin. Boards are important for Pinterest marketing. Because the more Pinterest followers you increase, the more possible it becomes for your boards to reach more audiences.

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Visual Discovery

Pinterest’s visual discovery feature is one of the platform’s most notable features. It allows users to discover content according to their personal interests and preferences. This feature allows users to find visually interesting content, while also allowing them to focus on specific topics and research in depth.

Pinterest’s powerful search algorithms allow users to quickly find the topics they want. Additionally, they can easily access relevant content by browsing the categories. For example, if a user is looking for fashion-related content, they can find the latest trends or style tips by browsing the fashion category.

Smart Feed

As with every social media platform, Pinterest has algorithms that create a flow specific to users’ interests. Smart Feed is a personalized feed powered by Pinterest’s algorithm. It offers users a selection of pins tailored to their interests. It ensures that each user’s post is relevant and engaging. Other pins that users save or browse are effective in organizing this place. In addition, the interests of the users they follow can also be used to create a personalized feed.

Save Button

pinterest saves button feature

Save Button is a browser extension from Pinterest that offers users the ability to save web content directly to their boards. This extension allows users to save online content to their clipboard for future reference. Users can easily add any web page they like or are interested in to their own dashboard using the Save Button. This is a practical method that allows users to collect and organize interesting content on a variety of topics.


If you want to try marketing on Pinterest, this is the feature you should pay most attention to. Users can follow other Pinterest users, including their friends, influencers, brands, and creators. One of the goals of marketing on Pinterest is to increase the number of followers.

There are many different ways to increase follower count. Creating regular and interesting content is one of these. You can also try creating a strong keyword strategy by posting pins about trending topics. However, even after all this, increasing the number of followers can be challenging.

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Buying Pinterest followers also allows you to instantly increase the engagement rate of your profile. All followers you buy with Pigo Likes have real profile pictures and active accounts. Thus, it becomes possible to easily initiate organic interaction.

Shopping Features

pinterest pins explanation

It is important to know the shopping features for marketing on Pinterest. Here are the shopping features you can explore on Pinterest:

  • Shopping Pins: These are special pins that contain additional information about products, such as pricing, availability, and a direct purchase link.
  • Shopping Ads: Retailers can create ads on Pinterest to promote their products to users who are actively searching for or interested in similar products.
  • Shop Tab: Pinterest has a dedicated “Shop” tab where users can browse curated collections of products based on their interests, preferences, and recent activity.
  • Catalogs: Businesses can upload their product catalogs directly to Pinterest, allowing them to create shoppable pins and ads featuring their products.
  • Product Recommendations: Pinterest provides personalized product recommendations using machine learning algorithms to analyze users’ activities and preferences.
  • Group Boards

Group boards are collaborative spaces on Pinterest where multiple users can contribute to and save pins in a shared collection. They serve as platforms for collaboration, content sharing, and fostering engagement among members who share similar interests.


pinterest analytics

Pinterest offers analytics tools tailored for businesses and creators, offering valuable insights into the performance of individual pins and boards, audience demographics, and engagement metrics. These analytics empower users to gain a deeper understanding of their reach and influence within the platform. By leveraging these insights, brands can refine their strategies to effectively increase engagement on Pinterest and optimize their presence to better resonate with their target audience.

If you want to try marketing on Pinterest, you need to have a detailed understanding of all platform features. Each feature helps your brand grow on Pinterest and increase its sales rate. Pinterest marketing can also be learned by trial and error. Just like other social media platforms, the Pinterest algorithm has an ever-changing structure.Keeping up with the Pinterest algorithm, attracting the attention of your target audience and producing content according to your brand’s niche are the golden rules of marketing on Pinterest. If you want more information about marketing on Pinterest, you can contact us.

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