How Can You Beat The Youtube Algorithm? – 3 Most Essential Tips

There is no doubt that the YouTube algorithm is a troublesome factor for content producers. So what is this algorithm and how can we beat it? We have put together 3 essential tips for you!

What is YouTube’s Algorithm?

How Can You Beat The Youtube Algorithm? - 3 Essential Tips

The YouTube algorithm is a real-time feedback loop that organizes videos in the application according to the different interests of each viewer. At least that’s the statement made by YouTube. But we would like to expand this definition a little more.

The YouTube algorithm is a mechanism that decides which videos to recommend to users based on what they like, what they’ve watched before, and what other users have watched. Thus, this algorithm is an indispensable factor for Youtube marketing. If you want to keep viewers on your channel as much as possible, you need to know the Youtube algorithm.

YouTube was launched in 2005 and currently has over 2.70 billion active users. Although there have been many updates since its release, we currently know that the algorithm is supported by machine learning. This makes it almost impossible to fully understand the YouTube algorithm.

Interaction is the most important criterion that attracts the attention of the algorithm. Therefore, it is important at this point that your channel receives more Youtube comments and likes. You can beat the algorithm by consistently keeping yourself updated in the field of interaction. Now, let’s look at the three tips we recommend for you.

How Can You Beat The Youtube Algorithm?

1. Use YouTube SEO Actively

Youtube also acts as a search engine optimization tool. Just like the Pinterest algorithm, it requires SEO to move the desired content to the top. Optimizing YouTube videos allows you to rank higher. Adding subtitles to your content, choosing the right keywords, optimizing the description section and more are essential for SEO. The stronger the SEO, the stronger the chance of increasing YouTube subscribers. If you want to play by the rules of the algorithm, you must create your SEO plan consistently and accurately.

2. Always Be Consistent

How Can You Beat The Youtube Algorithm? - 3 Essential Tips

Youtube algorithm attaches most importance to consistency. Let’s say you shared a lot of videos for a week and disappeared. If you think that the videos you share will be enough, you are wrong. Because you shared them all at the same time, so you were not consistent. If you post regularly, you show not only to the algorithm but also to your target audience that you are trustworthy. For this, it is recommended that you make a weekly or monthly content plan and take care to share consistently.

3. Pay Attention to Interaction

The YouTube algorithm places a lot of emphasis on interaction. It even examines every detail of your interaction and evaluates your channel accordingly. It measures whether people who clicked on your video actually watched it and where they clicked beyond that. 

In addition to encouraging viewers to subscribe and watch more videos, it’s also important to take care to keep them in the video. If your video gets a lot of clicks but is low in terms of hours watched, this algorithm will not like it. So you need to find a way to keep them on your channel as much as possible.

3. Use YouTube Analytics

If you want to beat the YouTube algorithm, you also need to stay on top of what’s happening on your channel. For this, using YouTube analytics in detail will benefit you. YouTube Analytics allows creators to obtain important, detailed data about your channel’s audience and their sources. 

Thanks to these analyses, you can learn about your target audience, including details such as age, gender, and geography. You can obtain valuable demographic information. Therefore, you can enhance interaction by producing videos that specifically cater to your target audience.

How Can You Beat The Youtube Algorithm?

How Does the YouTube Algorithm Work?

The YouTube algorithm works by making detailed analysis to offer different suggestions to each user. These recommendations are tailored based on users’ interests and viewing history. Additionally, recommendations are made based on factors such as the performance and quality of the videos.

When deciding what to recommend to each user, the YouTube algorithm looks at what videos users have enjoyed in the past. In addition, the YouTube algorithm analyzes in detail which topics or channels users have watched before. “Which videos are usually watched together?” The answer to the question is among the factors that the algorithm takes into account when making recommendations.

What Metrics Does the Youtube Algorithm Take into Consideration?

The YouTube algorithm looks at various metrics before featuring a video. For example, it investigates in detail whether a video is actually watched by people. Plus, how long a video takes to watch is also an important factor. The YouTube algorithm looks at both view time and average percentage viewed to determine ranking. 

Afterwards, likes and dislikes are evaluated, as are engagement rates and post-viewing survey results. The time of day and the language you speak also affect the YouTube algorithm. For this reason, it is useful to be careful about the best times to post Youtube videos.

The biggest factors in the YouTube Shorts algorithm are a person’s viewing history and previous accounts they have interacted with. If a video gains traction, it can be placed on the Shorts shelf, giving the video extra visibility.

As a result, if you want to beat the YouTube algorithm, you need to consider many different criteria. Mastering the YouTube algorithm will allow you to give your YouTube channel the attention it deserves.
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How Can You Beat The Youtube Algorithm?