Why Should You Use Youtube Community Tab? – 6 Essential Tips

The YouTube community tab is a great way for creators to engage with their members more efficiently and get instant feedback! Youtube, which is more than a video-watching platform, is now starting to be a socializing area for many people. Keep reading the rest of the article to learn more about the Youtube community tab!

What is the Youtube Community Tab?

Why Should You Use Youtube Community Tab? - 6 Essential Tips

Youtube, one of the most popular video-watching platforms in the world, has more than 2.6 billion users according to 2023 data. Being the second largest search engine after Google makes its importance even more prominent. Youtube is actually an indispensable space for both users and content creators.

The Youtube community, on the other hand, is a feature introduced in 2021. Basically, the purpose of the Youtube community is to enable content creators to interact with their target audience and allow them to reach more users. So it’s pretty obvious that the community tab is great for connecting and building relationships with other YouTubers.

With the Youtube community tab, you can create posts, ask questions, use GIFs and animations, and interact with your community one-on-one. It’s also a great feature to direct your followers to your other social media accounts. In other words, the Youtube community tab can be used to both increase website traffic and increase social media followers.

Why Should You Use Youtube Community Tab

What are the Requirements for Using Youtube Community?

The YouTube community tab lets you connect with your followers and create a more conversational side of your channel. So what should you do to use this feature? According to Youtube rules, you must already have followers to use the community tab. If you want to fulfill this requirement by buying Youtube subscribers, Pigo Likes is always ready to serve you.

Returning to our topic, you must have at least 1,000 followers to use the Youtube community. So if you don’t have enough subscribers, you won’t be able to see the Youtube Community feature on your channel. When you reach enough numbers, this feature will be activated automatically. Whether you use it or not is entirely up to you! But of course, we recommend using it.

How to Create a Community Post on YouTube

Why Should You Use Youtube Community Tab? - 6 Essential Tips

Starting a YouTube channel means accessing many marketing features. You also have the advantage of using all marketing tools for free. Considering that the YouTube community is a feature that allows you to communicate directly with your audience, you have a strong advantage in terms of marketing. How to share posts with the Youtube community, let’s see together.

You can share short texts, GIFs, videos, photos, surveys, or questions on the Youtube community tab. For this, click the “Upload” button on the community tab. Then click the “Create a post” button and choose the type of post you want to create. It’s also important to consider the best times to post on YouTube. Now you are ready to engage with your community!

How to Best Use the Community Tab on YouTube

Making the most of the YouTube community tab means more engagement and feedback. With the 6 tips we will give you, you can use your channel in the most up-to-date way and achieve more efficiency in terms of interaction.

1.Share Behind the Scenes and Bloopers of Your Video Posts

Why Should You Use Youtube Community Tab? - 6 Essential Tips

Users always accept funny videos! Even if your channel is an informational platform, share behind-the-scenes and bloopers to create entertaining content. Also, showing your community how you work brings you closer to them. Show them how you work hard to produce flawless videos and get closer!

2.Share Your Other Media Accounts

The Youtube community tab means interaction in every sense. In other words, you can share not only the ones related to Youtube but also your other social media accounts. For example, it is possible to attract more traffic by sharing the posts you publish on Instagram, TikTok, and your website in the community tab. Plus, you can interact with other content producers on Youtube.

Why Should You Use Youtube Community Tab

3.Share Your Main Posts With Our Community First

The Youtube community creates a special space for you. It also makes your followers feel special too. You can share the trailer of your main posts or what it’s about with your community. You can also get more content ideas by exchanging ideas.

4.Create Q&A

You can get more engagement by actively using all the features of the YouTube community tab. One of the most effective ways to do this is to hold a Question and Answer Session. Your community loves to connect with and learn about other members. A Q&A session allows the audience to learn about different personal and professional areas.

5.Post Regularly

Why Should You Use Youtube Community Tab? - 6 Essential Tips

Youtube analytics tells us that regular post-sharing has a huge impact on the growth of the channel. The same is true for Youtube community posts. If you want people to continue to discover and engage with your content, you should create a post sharing consistently and regularly.

6.Make Announcements and Sweepstakes

The Youtube community tab is all about building community and connecting with your followers. To do this, let them know that you are thinking of them by making regular announcements. You can also organize sweepstakes exclusively for community members. 

This will strengthen the bond between you and them and enable you to acquire a more loyal audience. Gaining a loyal audience means getting instant engagement on all your posts. So it’s time to pay more attention to the Youtube community tab!

Why Should You Use Youtube Community Tab

Using the Youtube community tab more regularly and effectively provides a lot of positive feedback. Remember that you can always buy organic followers if you don’t have enough followers to create a community. You can also show what a large community you have by buying Youtube community members.

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