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Pigo Likes FAQ

SMM Panel is abbreviation for Social Media Marketing Panel, this type of panel provide SMM Services for good price and to help businesses grow organically.

SMM Panel provide Instagram (followers, Likes, Views), Facebook (Page Likes, Profile Followers, Views) also YouTube services etc..

SMM Services is abbreviation for Social Media Marketing Services which are provided by SMM Panels. SMM services are found for all social media platforms with different qualities from low quality to high quality services and sometimes to Lifetime Guarantee Services. Such as Lifetime guarantee Instagram followers.

If your asking yourself why I should choose Pigo Likes as SMM Panel then the answer because it provide 24/7 Support through panel tickets or WhatsApp or Email, Have the best price and Also Pigo Likes always focus on providing the best quality SMM Services which are daily updated to make our clients satisfied.

If you want to use YouTube comment likes or dislikes services you should have a youtube comment link.

  1. First go the video then scroll down to the comment
  2. Look at the timestamp located beside your username example (5 Hours Ago)
  3. Right click on the timestamp and click “Copy Link Address”
  4. Link should be like (“”) and not like that only (“”)
  5. To make sure you copied the right link go to web browser and paste the link in the address bar and when the page load you will see your comment highlighted and it became the first comment in the video.

Partial Status is when you get refund to your account but partially. Sometimes when you make an order  for some reasons the order couldn’t be fully delivered so we refund the remaining part of the order.

Example you paid us 2$ For 1000 Instagram Followers and then a problem happened and you get only 750 followers then your account will be partially refunded by 0.5$

Drip Feed is one of our services that we offer, so you can make one order but divide it into parts without submitting the order multiple times you can set the drip feed feature and you can make it through one order.

Example: You want to add to your Instagram post 1000 Likes and you want every 15 min to get 200 Likes. So instead of adding 5 orders every 15 min to reach 1000 Like you can simply use drip feed service.

How to do that ?

  • Set your post Link
  • Set your post Link Quantity: 200
  • Set Runs: 5
  • Set Interval: 15

So now you will get 200 Likes every 15 min and this order will be repeated 5 times.

Important Note:

  • Don’t Order Quantity Greater Than the Maximum Quantity of the Service. If the service maximum quantity is 5000 don’t set drip feed settings like that

    Quantity 500 and Runs 15  then the total will be 500×15=7500 which is greater than the maximum quantity of this service.

  • Before setting the order Interval, check the service starting time. Some services needs 1 hour to start so you should be careful how to set the interval or the order will fail.

Drip Feed Service is manual service and they can’t work through mass orders or API you should do it manually.

Mass order is also one of our services for clients who want to run multiple orders at the same request to save time.

To use mass order you need to put the Service ID then add then Post Link then then Quantity

Example I have this post  and I want to add on it 500 Like from the service that have ID 156 then I should write in the mass order section this.


If you want to resell Pigo Likes services then you need to create a panel and connect our API to your panel and then you can synchronize our services and you can set your price.

Or you can purchase an SMM child panel and start working on it for 25$ per month

Our support team are available for helping you to create your panel you can contact us through

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