How to Increase Instagram Story Views?

To be able to increase Instagram story views may be an easier process than you think. Of course, there are a few tips you should follow. Completing your Instagram profile, getting to know the algorithm, and posting regularly are just a few of these tips. When you want to increase Instagram story views, you can overlook such details, albeit simple ones. But do not worry. As Pigo Likes, we are here to remind you of all the points you missed.

If you are wondering why it is so important to increase Instagram story views, we understand you. In the past… a long time ago… there were only post-like counts. Well, that’s a thing of the past now! If you do not plan to live the vintage spirit in technology, you should always stay up to date. So the answer to this question may actually mean a lot to you. So at least for your Instagram profile that you want to enhance and highlight. Let’s talk a little bit about increasing Instagram story views and their importance.

increase Instagram story views

Why Is It Important to Increase Instagram Story Views?

The Instagram story feature entered our lives in 2016 and has since become one of our daily routines. The Instagram story feature allows you to instantly share your memories or experiences. If your Instagram account is based on your business, you can promote products or services using the story feature.

We understood the importance of Instagram stories. But what does the number of views mean? And what does this number mean to us? The number of Instagram story views is the number that indicates how many times the story has been viewed by your followers. The higher the number, the more masses you reach. Increasing Instagram story views makes your profile more popular. In addition, it can provide positive developments in the number of followers by increasing the interaction rate of the account. Increasing Instagram story views is one of the most ideal methods of attracting potential followers to your profile. Now we can answer this question: “How to Increase Instagram Story Views?”. Let’s look at the fastest methods together.

1.Avoid Ghost or Fake Followers

You may have purchased fake followers packages to increase Instagram followers. Or maybe you have followers on your Instagram account who are no longer actively using their account. All these inactive accounts are called ghost followers. Ghost followers don’t look at your story. The Instagram algorithm, on the other hand, deals with the number of times your own followers view your story. So first of all, your followers should increase Instagram story views. Then Instagram comes to the conclusion that your Instagram story is worth seeing and it should reach out to more people.

At this point, you should avoid getting ghost followers. Even if you’ve bought followers, you should stick to completely organic ones. See Pigo Likes organic Instagram follower packages.

It is one of the important rules to get rid of ghosts or fake followers in order to increase Instagram story views.

increase Instagram story views

2. Stay Away from the Anthill View

How do you feel when you see the Instagram story tab as if the ants are in a row and they are chasing a crumb? Isn’t it a huge WOV? So stay away from this image as much as possible. It is not important how many stories you publish, but how high quality you publish. As long as you show your quality, it will be enough to post even 2 stories a day. 

Remember, quality is everything.

3. Use Instagram Story Tools

In order to increase Instagram story views, you must first produce remarkable and original content. Creating quality images all the time can be difficult. Because the story feature is already for instant sharing. But you can produce fun content by using Instagram story tools. Adding music, creating polls, using effects, and more… There are different tools to make your images or videos interesting. Even if you are not outside to take original photos, you can get background photos from sites that offer copyright-free images like UnSplash and enrich them with story tools.

Being engaging helps you increase story interactions. In this way, the Instagram algorithm gets you in front of more accounts. Thus, you have discovered a new way to increase Instagram story views.

increase Instagram story views

4. Increase Instagram Story Engagement

We said that in order to increase Instagram story views, you should first increase the interaction. But what can you do about it? Let’s talk a little bit about this. You can use the comment feature to increase story interaction. The comment feature allows people to respond to your story. Another way to increase interaction is to include other accounts in your story. The more accounts you tag, the more chances they have to share with you. But it is important not to overdo it. Try to do it without revealing your purpose.

Another way to increase engagement is the use of hashtags. The use of hashtags is important not only for posts but also for stories. There is a good chance that it will take you out of the Explore tab.

increase Instagram story views

Increase Instagram Story Views with Pigo Likes

There is one more way to increase Instagram story views. There is no doubt that it is the fastest way. Pigo Likes offers you this way. You can see an increase in your story views with different Pigo Likes views packages. The goal here is also to increase the engagement of your account. So if the story views increase, your account becomes even more popular.

The difference between the other packages and those created by Pigo Likes is that Pigo Likes packages are completely organic. In other words, fake or ghost accounts will not fill your account. As soon as you share your account link with us, an audience for your target audience is created.

increase Instagram story views