Instagram Insights Explained in 5 Easy Steps

Instagram Insights is a free Instagram Business benefit that allows you to get closer to your target audience and expand your brand. We have explained the use of Instagram insights in 5 short steps for those who do not know how to use it yet. If you’re ready, let’s start.

Instagram Insights allows Instagram Business Account users to see insights about their profile and posts. Determining what your target audience likes and interacts with most is important in order to make the right decision on social media marketing strategy. You can also improve Instagram ad quality.

It is essential to use Instagram Insights to get more likes, gain more followers, and grow your profile exponentially. Here’s how to use Instagram insights in 5 short steps.

How to Reach Instagram Insights?

Instagram Insights Explained in 5 Easy Steps

It’s pretty easy to navigate to the Instagram insights tab. Here are the steps below to explain how you can go about it:

  • Open your profile in the Instagram app and click on your profile picture in the bottom right corner of your feed.
  • Click on the three lines icon in the upper right corner of your profile and select the “Settings” tab.
  • On the Settings page, tap “Account.”
  • Click “Switch to Professional Account”. Switching to a professional account gives you immediate access to Insights even if you’re not a business.
  • Here choose the category that best describes your profile. Click “Done” when you’re done.
  • Plus, it is possible to access the insight tab as a Business Account.

You can access the Instagram insights tab in two ways; By making your profile a professional account or Business Profile. If you are a business, organization or brand, it makes sense to convert your Professional account to a Business account. Because the pro account gives you full access to Insights. To convert your account to a Business account, click on the three lines menu in the menu. Click “Settings” in the top right corner of your profile, then click “Account.” Click “Change Account Type” at the bottom. Then click “Switch to Business Account”. There you go! You can start using Instagram Insights now.

Is Using Instagram Insights Important?

Instagram Insights is very important for the development of your profile. Thanks to Insights, you can easily understand what your target audience prefers and who they are. Thus, your probability of reaching your goal becomes much higher. Instagram Insights basically allows you to use your profile at its best by creating various data and analysis. It gives you tips on things you should do differently, like posting at a certain time of day or trying a new content format. Therefore, using Instagram Insights is very important for you to create a more effective Instagram strategy.

Instagram Insights Explained in 5 Easy Steps

What are the Instagram Insight Features?

Now you know how to access Instagram Insights and why you should use it. Now let’s take a look at what the Insights tab offers you. When you first open this tab, you will see the home page of Insights. This page contains the following information:

  • Date Range: Represents the days and weeks of data on the screen. You can change the duration for whichever date you want specific information by clicking on the date option in the upper left corner.
  • Information: You can learn the detailed definitions of the terms on the screen by clicking the “i” button in the upper right corner.
  • Reached Accounts: Reached Accounts refers to the number of unique users who have seen the posts or content such as stories you have shared at least once.
  • Engaged Accounts: Engaged Accounts refer to the number of users your profile has reached who have interacted with your content in some way. It is possible to see likes, saves, comments, shares and replies in interactive accounts.
  • Total Followers: It refers to the number of people following your profile.
  • Content You’ve Shared: This section gives you the overall count of posts, Stories, reels, videos, Live videos, and promotions you’ve shared.

How to Use Instagram Insights?

Instagram Insights Explained in 5 Easy Steps

While Instagram Insights is a great tool, it can seem complicated for beginners. Become an expert in using Insights with the 5 steps we have shared for you!

1. Check Out Interactions

Engagements reflect the number of unique users who saw any of your Instagram posts. The posts with the most reach, the Instagram Stories posts with the most reach, the IGTV videos with the most reach, the number of times your posts have been seen, profile visits, website clicks and other activities can be examined with detailed analysis.

2. Review Account Activity

Account activity can help you understand the number of views your profile receives and how many of those views turn into followers. It is possible to see Profile Visits on the Accessed Accounts page under Account Activity. By dividing your number of followers by the number of visitors, you can find out how many of your profile visitors turned into followers.

3. Learn Website Clicks

Business accounts can add website links to their brands to their profiles. At this point, it becomes possible to measure and increase website traffic. To measure website visits, analyzes under Accessed Accounts > Profile Activity can be examined. These analytics reflect the number of clicks on links you added to your business profile.

4. Check Out Content Interactions

Instagram insights breaks down metrics by content type to show you how your content is performing in terms of engagement. Likes, comments, saves and replies can be examined along with the analyzed metrics under this tab. If any of these metrics are low, it’s important to re-evaluate your Instagram strategy.

5. Follow Your Followers

Instagram Insights can be used to find out how many followers you gained or lost over the past week, as well as the average hours of the day your followers use Instagram. This data can be very useful when planning posts.
Instagram Insights includes many features that can benefit your business. You can contact us for more information.

Instagram Insights Explained in 5 Easy Steps