Setting Up an Instagram Shop for Your Brand – An Essential Guide for 2023

Setting up an Instagram shop for your brand increases your sales, increases engagement rate, and increases brand awareness. With the Instagram Shop, brands can organize a list of products that can be accessed directly through their Instagram profile. Setting up an Instagram shop makes it easy to sell on the app and be discovered by potential customers as well. Are you ready to increase your brand’s sales and awareness by setting up an Instagram Shop? Here is everything you need to know.

Why Should You Focus on Setting Up an Instagram Shop?

Setting Up an Instagram Shop for Your Brand

The Instagram Shop feature provides a way for businesses to showcase their product catalogs and reach new customers. Brands can create a list of products directly accessible via the “View Store” button on their Instagram profile page. So why should you set up an Instagram shop? Setting up an Instagram shop primarily increases product discoverability. With useful features like shoppable tags on Instagram, it’s easier than ever for customers to discover products! Customers can review and quickly purchase products registered in your store.

Setting up an Instagram Shop is also an effective way to make it easy for you to market products to customers with images. When you create shoppable posts through reels, Instagram Stories, and photos, you have the opportunity to visually entice customers. This will make your brand more memorable. You can also reach wider audiences by strengthening Instagram interactions. After all, the Instagram algorithm continues to consistently show popular stores in the Discover tab. This is for your benefit!

Setting Up an Instagram Shop for Your Brand

Setting up an Instagram shop also lets you streamline the shopping process for your customers. An online shopper doesn’t have to jump from link to link to find your product. With a few easy steps, they can access the advantage of purchasing the product they want in seconds. The advantages of setting up an Instagram shop are endless. Now let’s share a few tips on how to set it up.

First Check Your Eligibility

Setting Up an Instagram Shop for Your Brand

To set up the Instagram Shop, it’s important to first check if your brand is eligible for this process. Instagram has some criteria for this. If you are selling in an area supported by the Instagram shop, if your products are suitable for online sale, and if the brand you want to sell has a website, you can open a shop on Instagram.

Register Your Brand as a Business Account

When setting up an Instagram Shop, you must first be a Business Account. If your brand is an individual account, convert it to a Business Account. Other benefits of opening a business account include being able to add relevant business information such as your company’s hours of operation, business address, phone number, and a link to your website.

Setting Up an Instagram Shop for Your Brand

Upload Your Products to the Store

After providing all company information when setting up an Instagram Shop, you need to upload a catalog of your products. This catalog should include all your products, your inventory, and your descriptions. You can upload your products to the Instagram store through the Catalog Manager or E-commerce Platform Partner.

Review the Store You’ve Set up

Setting Up an Instagram Shop for Your Brand

It is recommended that you review your account after adding a product catalog to the Instagram store. Thus, you can intervene in any problem and eliminate the problem. After linking a product catalog to your Instagram or linking the website, be sure to review it one last time before shopping online.

Press Open Shop Button

After you set up an Instagram store, Instagram checks if your store is available for sale. After your account is approved, you can open the shopping features. If you don’t see the Open Shop button in your settings, your account is probably still under review. If your Instagram store is not approved, it is recommended to review the feedback given to you. Thus, you can re-apply and eliminate the problem.

How Can You Reach More People Through The Instagram Shop?

Setting Up an Instagram Shop for Your Brand

Setting up an Instagram shop can be a starting point for a brand. But the real process starts after installing the store. At this point, you may have questions about how you should deliver your products to more people. The best way to get your products to more people on the Instagram Shop is to create unique, engaging posts that customers will want to click through! Keep reading for more tips.

Create Shoppable Posts

When setting up an Instagram shop, it is important to optimize your posts for shopping. When you create shoppable posts, when someone taps the photo, the product tag will appear showing the product’s name and price. So you can ask that person to click the photo and take it to your online store. It is possible to affect more than one product in one post. Users can directly navigate to the shopping page by pressing the label they want.

Setting Up an Instagram Shop for Your Brand

Create Instagram Stories and Fun Reels

If you want to reach a wider audience while setting up an Instagram shop, you should start using Instagram features fully. The story and Reels features are a great way to promote your business products. When creating stories, you can use a product tag to tag products, just as you would a shoppable post. You can also use the Swipe Up feature to let your followers view your entire Instagram Store!

The Instagram Reels feature allows you to showcase your products in a fun and interesting way. Like stories and posts, it can tag products in a Reel to make it easier for customers to shop directly.
You can also consider the idea of buying Instagram followers to promote your products. In addition to followers, you can increase account interaction with the options to buy likes and comments. For more information about the Instagram shop setup process, you can contact our 24/7 active call center.

Setting Up an Instagram Shop for Your Brand