10 Tips To Increase Pinterest Followers

As Pigo Likes, we share 10 tips on how to increase Pinterest followers. Increasing Pinterest followers is of interest to many microbloggers, companies, or individual users. 

According to 2022 data, Pinterest has close to 350 million monthly usage data. One of the most popular social media platforms, Pinterest also acts as a search engine. Pinterest, which has a different operation than other social media platforms, mainly focuses on marketing tactics. Increasing Pinterest followers also means increasing website traffic. That’s why the interaction you get on Pinterest is very important. Pinterest followers can be increased organically. Let’s share with you tips on how to increase it.

1. Use a Pinterest Business Account

10 Tips To Increase Pinterest Followers

To increase Pinterest followers, you first need to be in a constant state of analysis. For this, it is inevitable to use the Pinterest business account. Thanks to the Business account, you can see advanced analytics about your account. It also allows you to run various advertising campaigns to promote your content. When using a Business account, you can also help your users understand that you are not an individual account. A Pinterest business account will help you increase traffic to your website.

2. Optimize Pinterest Bio

One of the most important ways to increase Pinterest followers is to make your account discoverable. Remember that Pinterest essentially functions as a search engine. So your account name and bio are of great importance at this point. Here you can add search terms users use to your bio. Also, adding a few keywords about your brand’s field of work will increase your profile’s visibility. To increase Pinterest followers, it is recommended to optimize your bio starting from the basics.

10 Tips To Increase Pinterest Followers

3. Actively Use Idea Pins

Like other social media applications, Pinterest is constantly evolving. In this context, it developed the Idea Pins feature in 2021, similar to the Instagram or Facebook story feature. With Idea Pins, businesses can save up to 20 pages of content in a single post. Moreover, it can edit and reshare these contents. As a content creator, you must ensure that you actively use all updates to increase engagement. Therefore, using Idea Pins can be beneficial for increasing Pinterest followers.

4. Appeal to Your Audience

10 Tips To Increase Pinterest Followers

To increase Pinterest followers, it is recommended to first create a target audience or a buyer persona. Each user’s interests are different. And users follow the profiles they come across in line with their interests. At this point, it is difficult for you to produce content that appeals to the entire Pinterest world. However, if you narrow your target, it is possible to reach more potential customers. 

Thanks to the content created according to the target audience you have determined, it becomes possible to gain followers who are interested in you. To increase Pinterest followers, you must define your target audience and determine their needs. You can observe that Pinterest followers increase when you produce content according to the criteria you set.

5. Publish Original Content

Being original works almost anywhere! Just like producing original text to increase website traffic, you should post original content on your Pinterest account. When duplicate content is detected by users, they can blacklist your profile in their minds. Being original, especially concerning images, allows you to stand out among other users. With different and original content sharing, you can observe an increase in Pinterest followers in a short time.

10 Tips To Increase Pinterest Followers

6. Share Regular Content to Build Brand Awareness

To increase Pinterest followers, you also need to increase your brand awareness. For this, you should not neglect to make a consistent and regular content plan. Other users follow a profile because they trust it. Because of the trust in both content quality and layout, that profile is followed. The content plan you set according to user needs aims to increase your Pinterest followers.

7. Use Hashtags and Keywords in Your Board Names and Pin Descriptions

10 Tips To Increase Pinterest Followers

If you want to increase Pinterest followers, you should first attract users to your profile. For this, content production and hashtag planning are important. Users often find brands using a variety of keywords. Users who come across your profile through searches can view your profile and decide to follow you. That’s why it’s important to include keywords in both your descriptions and images. Keywords should match your content. Using high-volume keywords to appeal to more target audiences can have the opposite effect. Therefore, it is recommended that you stick to the content you publish.

8. Follow Pinterest Trends

To increase Pinterest followers, you should always keep your profile updated and active. For this reason, it can be beneficial for you to produce content according to Pinterest trends. It is possible to reach more users by creating content according to the most searched words every week. You can use the Pinterest trends tool to find out what your potential customers are searching for. Pinterest forecast reports can be helpful in understanding which content is trending.

10 Tips To Increase Pinterest Followers

9. Interact with Other Users

One of the most effective ways to increase Pinterest followers is to stay engaged. Your profile will appear on other accounts as you follow other users. You can also share or like other profiles’ posts. You can increase the visibility of your profile by posting a comment. Also, following your competitors lets you know what content they’re sharing. You should always take care to keep Pinterest interactions high.

10. Buy Pinterest Followers

10 Tips To Increase Pinterest Followers

One of the easiest ways to increase Pinterest followers is to buy followers. If your organic strategies don’t work, your account may need support. By buying Pinterest followers, you can create the impression that your account is reliable and highly interactive. By examining the Pinterest followers offered to you with Pigo Likes, you can easily find the one that appeals to you.
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10 Tips To Increase Pinterest Followers