12 Essential Facebook Features for Marketers

Facebook features aim to make marketers’ jobs easier and increase interaction. If you want to grow your brand on Facebook, check out the 12 Facebook features we have prepared for you.

1. Lead Ads

Ads are a must among Facebook features. But Lead Ads are much more than just general ads. While it is focused on direct sales, it also allows you to expand your target audience.

Facebook Lead Ads stand out by completely eliminating the need for people to visit a landing page on your website. You can use these ads to get your customers to sign up for your email newsletter, schedule appointments, and more.

2. Creative Hub – Facebook features

12 Essential Facebook Features for Marketers

One of the most important features for marketers would be the Creative Hub. Standing out among Facebook features, Creative Hub allows marketers to test different ad types, placements, and creatives. Here, you can test single image, video or even carousel ads. Additionally, slideshow, video and interactive ads can also be tested here.

Creative Hub can be very useful when introducing new types of ads to clients. You can also think of this part as a preview. It allows marketers to be more creative and look at their ads from a broader perspective.

3. Facebook Analysis

Thanks to the Facebook Analysis tool, it becomes possible to obtain additional information about brand performance. You can learn more about brand interactions by using the menu in the Business Manager navigation bar and going to Analytics under Analysis and Report.

With Facebook analytics, you can see user metrics, engagement metrics, page metrics, and user demographics.

4. Royalty Free Music

Perhaps one of the most useful features for marketers is the Royalty Free Music tab. This feature, which stands out among Facebook features, prevents you from worrying about uploaded posts or videos being banned from Facebook due to copyright infringement. The audio collection under your publishing tools includes free music that you can include in your posts. You can choose any song you want from thousands of songs, all royalty-free.

5. Live Broadcast

12 Essential Facebook Features for Marketers

Perhaps the most effective among Facebook features is the live broadcast option. With Facebook live streaming, you get access to many of the tools you need to connect with your fans on Facebook. Additionally, the ability to broadcast live to multiple pages, called cross-promotion with live broadcast, attracts the attention of marketers.

Thanks to my cross definition, you no longer need to share the original live post. It becomes possible to calculate the views on all shared posts and get more information about the video.

6. Remarketing

Facebook remarketing strategy basically allows you to reach people who have previously interacted with or reviewed your brand in some way. Reaching out to people who have previously interacted with your brand contributes to the potential customer network.

Your remarketing ads will appear when people who have previously visited your page browse their Facebook News Feed. This way, you can increase the likelihood that they will remember you again and return to one of your offers.

7. Facebook Pixel

Standing out among Facebook features, the Facebook pixel tracks actions that occur on your website as a result of your paid ads and organic posts. Thanks to Facebook Pixels, you can review transactions such as adding products to the cart, viewing content, making a purchase and completing registration.

The tracking pixel continues to be a very useful feature, helping you measure conversions, optimize your ads and targeting, and learn about Facebook users who visit your website.

8. Facebook Messenger Bots

12 Essential Facebook Features for Marketers

Facebook features basically allow brands to improve their services and interact with their users. Facebook Messenger bots are very useful at this point. Businesses can also create bots for Facebook Messenger that will “talk” to your customers anytime, 24/7.

Facebook’s chatbots have great potential for customer service and sales. It can automatically provide information, take orders, and help users purchase products or services. It can even provide notifications about product shipments.

9. Campaign Budget Optimization

Campaign budget optimization allows advertisers to balance ad spend across ad sets. By setting a central campaign budget for multiple ad sets, Facebook can distribute the budget to the best-performing ad sets. This feature can be found when creating a new campaign. Applies to daily budgets or total budgets.

10. Advertising Planning

Facebook Features are especially useful for advertising processes. When creating a new campaign, after determining your total budget, you’ll see the option to run ads always or run ads on a specific schedule. This way, you’ll have useful insights about when your ads should run during the day or week.

12 Essential Facebook Features for Marketers

11. Automatic Rules

Automatic rules among Facebook features can be a lifesaver when it comes to activating, pausing and managing campaigns. While Facebook’s options aren’t as advanced as what you’re used to on other channels, they’re still useful. You can apply it to all active or paused campaigns, all active or paused ad sets, or all active or paused ads.

12. Engagement Ads on Wall Posts

Engagement ads can help your Facebook Page appear extremely popular to anyone viewing your business. Facebook will only show these types of ads to people who are most likely to react, comment, or share your post.

Of course, getting thousands of comments and reactions is ultimately nothing more than vanity, but people want to be part of the crowd. Facebook Pages with zero fan engagement always look a little suspicious; Therefore, receiving interactive advertising will be very useful.
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12 Essential Facebook Features for Marketers