11 Instagram Features for Pro Marketers

Instagram features continue to offer advantages that make the job of marketers much easier. In this article, we will look at 11 different Instagram features. If you’re ready, let’s start.

Instagram recently surpassed 2 billion monthly users. For this reason, both small and large businesses have started working to make the most of Instagram features. In the past, Instagram was used to showcase beautiful images and get good Instagram engagement on your posts, but now it has become so much more.

Instagram has developed different features that are now more focused on helping you grow online. Whether you want to strengthen your community, build brand awareness, make sales, there are Instagram features to help you achieve your goals. However, it is useful to first touch on Instagram Marketing.

What is Instagram Marketing?

11 Instagram Features for Pro Marketers

Instagram marketing is a plan created for brands to expand and interact with their target audiences. It’s a great opportunity for businesses of all sizes to connect with their target audience. As Instagram continues to roll out new features, it’s important for marketers to understand what Instagram has to offer. At this point, it is useful to understand the Instagram algorithm.

Instagram algorithm has a very comprehensive mechanism that works to deliver the trendiest and most interesting content to us. Each time a new feature is released, these algorithms are influenced to keep the newest at the top. Therefore, it is necessary to take algorithm movements into consideration when researching Instagram features.

Instagram marketing is very important for today’s social media marketing as it is one of the top social media platforms. So now let’s look at what Instagram features are.

1. Activity Center – Instagram features

Instagram is rolling out new Instagram features, including the Your Activity screen. Thanks to the Activity Center, you can track the time you spend in the app, accounts you have recently interacted with, searches, and the bulk deletion option for live images.

For example, the delete option allows you to select and delete multiple images at once. You can archive images that you want to keep from various posts, but you can also request that they be removed from the Instagram screen for everyone. Event center is the first feature that Pro marketers must master.

11 Instagram Features for Pro Marketers

2. Instagram Live Broadcast Planning

The Instagram story feature provides an on-screen reminder feature for the upcoming live broadcast on the user’s account. Thus, basic information of the live broadcast such as subject, day, date and time can be displayed. You can add several on-screen reminders to your profile and users can scroll through them. You can also use the ‘Remind Me’ option in the pop-up message to remind yourself of an upcoming live session.

3. Instagram Photos Collaboration

Photo collaboration is one of the recently introduced Instagram features that Pro marketers should definitely know about. Thanks to photo collaboration, two accounts can share jointly. Now a post created by one user can simultaneously appear in the account/feed of the second account tagged or invited. Thus, it becomes one of the most useful among the prominent Instagram features.

4. Links in Stories

11 Instagram Features for Pro Marketers

One of the newest Instagram features is the ability to add links to stories. In the past, only Instagram users with 10 thousand subscribers could add links to their Instagram stories. Now everyone will be able to add links to Instagram stories thanks to the Links feature.

5. Remix

Remix, one of the Instagram features, is an excellent feature that allows users to react to Instagram Reels. Users can create a side-by-side reaction video or save their video after the original video is finished. To do this, simply tap the three-dot options button below the video and access the video settings. Then, by selecting the Remix option, you can record your own video and prepare it for publication.

6. Share as Post

One of the most functional Instagram features is the Share as Post option. The “Share as Post” feature allows Instagram users to publish their Stories as a post. It helps users keep their profiles active after posting their updates or stories.

11 Instagram Features for Pro Marketers

7. Creating a Content Calendar

Instagram features do not offer the ability to create a content calendar. But whether you’re a business marketer or an Instagram influencer, having a content calendar or scheduler is essential. At this point, you can take a look at various social media planner applications created by other service providers.

8.Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing and collaboration on Instagram can be counted among Instagram features. Influencers with influential audiences can contribute to the growth of your brand. You can collaborate with many people, including celebrities, depending on your budget. You can grow your brand very effectively with influencer marketing.

9. Instagram Shopping

11 Instagram Features for Pro Marketers

It’s a feature that allows you to tag products in your posts and stories and create a shoppable Instagram feed. You can create a shopping feature by opening an Instagram Business account. Thus, you will have a separate area outside your website to capture potential customers and convert them into sales.

10. Questions

Prominent among Instagram features, questions allow you to ask your followers a question and have them respond with a written or video response. You can use the questions feature as a great way to collect feedback and get to know your audience better.

11. Stickers

If you’re looking for quick results with Instagram features, stickers are the most interactive feature on Instagram. You can opt for Questions and Survey Stickers to educate the audience about your brand or any upcoming new product. 

Polls allow you to trigger a thought process among your followers about the services you provide that people are interested in. Location stickers, on the other hand, are a favorite for your brand promotions where influencers or bloggers can always share your store’s location in their stories.

As a result, Instagram emerges as one of the most important channels for both brand marketing and personal branding. Instagram features help businesses reach new heights of success by using a combination of digital media, information and entertainment.
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11 Instagram Features for Pro Marketers