How to Increase Youtube Watching Hours? – 4 Essential Steps to Improve Your Channel

Your social media plans should target to increase Youtube watching hours. But you may not know much about increasing Youtube watching hours. Then, as Pigo Likes, we offer you 4 main ways to increase Youtube watching hours. But first, let’s see what Youtube watching hours means and why it is so important.

What Does Youtube Watch Time Mean?

How to Increase Youtube Watching Hours? - 4 Essential Steps to Improve Your Channel

If you are in the process of growing your Youtube channel, you will observe that more than one term appears. Different terms such as video marketing, load time, number of likes, and conversion rate can challenge you. Previously, we shared with you ways to increase the number of Youtube subscribers. But our current topic is Youtube watch time! Let’s take a look at what this term means exactly.

Youtube watch time is the percentage of your video watched by any viewer. However, at this point, it is also useful to consider the length of the video. Some users can watch the whole video, while others can close the video in just 5 seconds. The Youtube watch time feature expresses the percentage of watching videos by all users. If you want to increase youtube watching hours, you need to find a way to plan videos and present them to your target audience effectively.

Why are Youtube Watching Hours Important?

How to Increase Youtube Watching Hours? - 4 Essential Steps to Improve Your Channel

The YouTube algorithm pays great attention to the watch time of the viewers. Watching hours, one of the most important metrics of the algorithm, is also important for the growth of your channel. The YouTube algorithm searches if your channel is interesting before showing it to other users. It understands this by looking at YouTube watching hours percentages. Therefore, increasing Youtube watching hours allows a video to attract more attention from the algorithm, which will benefit its position in recommendation and discovery.

Increase Youtube Watching Hours

4 Essential Steps to Improve Youtube Watching Hours

Strategic moves you can make to increase Youtube watching hours will make your channel grow. In addition, as the quality of your content increases, it becomes possible to gain more Youtube video likes and subscribers. The 4 main steps to increase Youtube watching hours are:

1. Be Consistent When Posting Your Videos

How to Increase Youtube Watching Hours? - 4 Essential Steps to Improve Your Channel

One of the most important issues of the algorithm is consistency. If you share your videos at irregular intervals, the algorithm will not like them very much. What you need to do in this case is to set up a regular video release schedule. Increasing Youtube watching hours occurs as a result of regular video sharing.

For example, if you have 5 video content, you can share them regularly instead of sharing them one after the other and not posting for a long time. When the 5 content you have is published weekly, it saves you 1.5 months of time. During this period, you can continue your weekly video publishing plan by making different content plans. Finally, you can increase Youtube watching hours.

2. Keep Video Lengths Sufficient

One of the most important ways to increase YouTube watching hours is to have your viewers watch the entire video. However, if your video is too long or boring, viewers will probably tend to turn it off within a minute or two. Considering that the content published on the Internet is consumed quickly, you need to make your videos as interesting as possible.

You can determine the time duration by creating your Youtube videos according to your target audience. For example, younger viewers may spend more time on videos, while older viewers tend to get only the information they need. At this point, it is only up to your social media planning to increase Youtube watching hours. Also, do not forget to determine the video lengths according to the content. Some topics require short videos while others may require longer durations. In addition, you should not forget to always include different video content on your channel.

Increase Youtube Watching Hours

3. Keep Your Channel’s Content Topics Sufficient

Viewers want to know exactly what topics a channel is producing. If your goal is to grow on Youtube, you should first define a field for yourself. Producing videos related to this field defines an identity for your channel. Thus, viewers can be aware of what content your channel produces. One of the primary goals to increase Youtube watching hours is to create a channel identity.

If you like to produce content on different topics on your channel, you can try to open different channels. Also, grouping your videos under different categories helps viewers find what they’re looking for. A streamlined channel view is both productive and efficient. Both of these topics continue to attract the attention of the audience at all times. Therefore, you have discovered one of the main ways to increase Youtube watching hours.

4. Use Youtube Channel Analytics Program

How to Increase Youtube Watching Hours? - 4 Essential Steps to Improve Your Channel

If you want to increase Youtube watching hours, you need to constantly monitor the viewing rate. At this point, Youtube offers tools that can be useful to you. Youtube channel analytics program is one of them. You can measure audience reactions by constantly tracking video views. Seeing how many of the video’s viewers watch also allows you to make effective decisions in video scheduling.

When making video plans, you should also pay attention to thumbnail and title harmony. If you use a thumbnail other than video content, it’s stealing your followers’ time. Therefore, your viewers may blacklist you. That’s why it’s always good, to be honest about your video content. Viewers will appreciate making a quality thumbnail of video content. 

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Increase Youtube Watching Hours