10 Tips for Excellent Instagram Bio – Newest Trends 2023

First impressions are always important. Instagram bio is the most important factor in first impression – at least in the online sense. Creating an excellent Instagram bio can quickly impress your potential followers and bring them to your profile. Relevant keywords, links, or meaningful words about your brand… How to create a perfect Instagram bio? Get ready to take a look at the top 5 tips with Pigo Likes.

What is Instagram Bio?

The bio section, which is part of the Instagram features, is basically the place to summarize your profile. It’s the section below your profile picture that gives users the ability to sneak a peek at the content in their stream. Username, page category, 150-character description, external links, and contact information are included in this area. As a result, your bio has everything that can help define you. Because the first point of contact for your new visitors is the Instagram bio tab.

How to Make a Good Instagram Bio?

10 Tips for Excellent Instagram Bio - Newest Trends 2023

A good Instagram bio basically ensures that a new visitor stays on your profile. Of course, if what the visitor’s looking for is related to the content you produce. In other words, the immediate leave of a visitor does not mean that the Instagram bio is bad. A good Instagram bio is short, informative, and gives potential followers a well-rounded idea of what to expect from your content. Now let’s take a look at the tips for creating not only an ideal but also a perfect Instagram bio.

1. Keep it Short and Concise

Short, captivating, and concise information is the most important element for a perfect Instagram bio. So you should avoid long sentences and excessive use of emojis. This will make your profile quite complex and tiring. It can also leave a boring impression as it will take a long time for the visitor to understand what your profile is. Therefore, you should use short, easy-to-read expressions that describe the subject quickly. It is enough to express yourself directly without making the subject too complicated.

10 Tips for Excellent Instagram Bio - Newest Trends 2023

2. Use Relevant Keywords

One of the most powerful ways to increase Instagram followers or increase the number of likes is the use of keywords, namely hashtags. So why not use it in your Instagram bio? Using strong keywords related to your brand or the content you produce can give you an advantage in terms of accessibility. Discover keywords that your target audience might be searching for on Instagram and include them in your bio.

3. Use Your Website Link

It has the ability to add only one external link to your Instagram bio. Of course, you can turn this into an advantage by using it for your brand or personal blog. Adding a link to an Instagram bio is also a great way to drive website traffic. Also, if you are a photographer or writer, for example, you can add the link to your portfolio to your bio.

4. Reveal Your Personality

10 Tips for Excellent Instagram Bio - Newest Trends 2023

Remember that your Instagram bio is all about you or your brand. Therefore, it is the right time to reveal your personality. You can briefly include the story of your brand or what you like in this field. It’s important to use this space to speak directly to your audience and highlight your skills, background, or a common phrase you use.

5. Add Your Contact Information

You may need to create an Instagram Business account to share an Instagram shop page, brand’s location, or contact information. In this way, you will activate many features that increase the awareness of your brand. You can add your email address, phone number, and real-time address to the Instagram bio.

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6. Use Emojis 

Using emojis will add color to your profile, but overdoing it can create a complex look. You can use emojis to add some personality to your Instagram bio. Use emojis sparingly to highlight any message or add some life to your bio. For example, if you write, computer and book emojis will be enough.

7. Use Highlights on Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories Highlights is a great tool to make your profile look professional. Thus, you will discover a way to increase Instagram story views by attracting more people to your profile. Instagram stories have the potential to make your Instagram bio more attractive and click-worthy.

8. Update Your Instagram Bio Regularly

10 Tips for Excellent Instagram Bio - Newest Trends 2023

Updating the Instagram bio regularly gives viewers the most up-to-date information about you and your events. On the other hand, an old biography can be misleading. It can also give your potential followers the impression that you are not paying enough attention to your profile.

9. Set Your Profile Photo Clearly and Clearly

One of the most important elements of your Instagram bio is your photo. In the result, your photo in the form of a circle will appear first in the search tab. If you are a brand, it would be logical to set your logo as a profile photo. Micro or macro influencers can put a clear photo of themselves so that their potential followers can see them more easily.

10. Add a Call to Action

A good Instagram bio will lead followers to take action. At this point, Call to Action sentences come into play. As long as you are clear and specific, you can benefit from phrases that activate your followers. It is also important to underline phrases such as Follow Me. Why should they follow you? As long as you specify this, CAT uses will take your profile one step further.

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