Basics of Pinterest Analytics – Learn Your Target Audience

Knowing Pinterest analytics basics is important to improve your marketing skills, increase sales rate and optimize the interaction rate of your profile. Continue reading our article to learn about Pinterest analytics metrics.

What are Pinterest Analytics Metrics?

What are Pinterest Analytics Metrics?

With 465 million active users, Pinterest is one of the most effective marketing strategies for brands. Pinterest analytics metrics are mainly used to analyze profile and audience interactions. Users can make various optimizations in their marketing strategies by examining their profile interactions in detail. 

Before talking about the advantages of Pinterest analytics, it is useful to know what these metrics are. Let’s examine Pinterest analytics metrics.

  • Pins

Posts you share on Pinterest are called Pins. The Pin section in the Pinterest analytics section refers to the total number of interactions of pins. Pin interactions include saves, clicks, and ad interactions.

  • Impressions

It refers to the number of times all Pins you share on your Pinterest profile appear. Here you can see the rate at which you appear in any user’s feed. However, no interaction is included.

  • Saves

Pinterest users can create various boards in their own profiles and save other users’ pins to these boards. The Saves section on Pinterest analytics shows how many times your own pins have been saved on other user profiles.

  • Save Rate
save rates of pinterest

This metric indicates the overall number of times your Pins were saved. Calculated by Pinterest’s algorithm, it divides the number of saves by the total number of views on the screen.

  • Pin Click Rate

The total number of clicks from your Pin or ad to content either on or off Pinterest, divided by the number of times your Pins or ads appeared on screen.

  • Outbound Clicks and Rates

This term describes the frequency with which users take actions leading them to a destination outside of Pinterest. Rates are determined by dividing the total number of clicks on the destination URL linked to your Pin by the overall number of times your Pins were viewed on screen.

  • Profile Visits

The number of times people visited your profile after viewing one of your Pins. Profile visits are very important for the overall interaction rate.

  • Followers

Marketing on Pinterest mostly aims to get people to follow you. Here you can see the number of times people followed you after viewing one of your Pins. The higher this ratio, the higher your marketing success.

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  • Video Views

It refers to the amount of views of at least 2 seconds in which 50% of the video is viewed. For a video to represent a number of views, 50% of it must be watched. Plus, Pinterest analytics has a 95% play statistic. Here you can see the number of views for up to 95% of your video’s length. Likewise, you can also discover the playing time of your video in minutes.

  • Average Video Playback Time

It refers to the average time a user spends playing the video and static image cards featured in your Pin.

  • Total Viewer/Interactive Audience

It refers to the total number of people who saw or interacted with your Pins. Pinterest marketing guide also tells you to consider the number of people who interact with your pins. It is also possible to discover this rate in the Pinterest analytics section.

  • Monthly Total Viewers / Monthly Interactive Audience

Total monthly audience analysis refers to the total number of people who saw or engaged with your Pins over a 30-day window, including each day. Monthly engaged audience refers to the total number of people who interacted with your Pins over a 30-day window, including each day.

Advantages of Pinterest Analytics

Advantages of Pinterest Analytics

Pinterest Analytics provides various advantages to those who want to use Pinterest for business. Some of these advantages are:

Learning Target Audience Behavior

Pinterest analytics provides you with many different data to learn your target audience in depth. For example, users can discover a wealth of information through this interactive panel, including which Pins are most popular, what content encourages engagement, and when the audience is most active. Therefore, Pinterest analytics is important to gain valuable information about how their target audience interacts with their content.

Creating a Content Strategy

Using Pinterest for business involves creating a solid and effective content strategy. Understanding which Pins perform best in Pinterest analytics can help you create more engaging and relevant content.

Discovering Trends

Pinterest Analytics provides data on trending topics, keywords, and popular Pins, helping users stay informed about current trends and adjust their content strategies accordingly.

Performance Analysis

Performance Analysis

If you want to sell on Pinterest, you need to make sure all your pins are high performing. Users can measure the effectiveness of their Pins and campaigns by tracking key performance metrics such as impressions, clicks, saves, and engagement rate.

Target Audience Analysis

Pinterest Analytics provides demographic data about the audience, including age, gender, location, and interests, allowing users to better understand their audience and tailor their content to their preferences. Thus, you can implement the necessary strategies to increase Pinterest followers in a timely manner.

Pinterest Analytics equips users with data-driven insights to refine their content strategies, enabling them to better connect with their intended audience and accomplish their marketing objectives on the platform. 

By analyzing metrics such as engagement rates, audience demographics, and trending topics, users can make informed decisions to optimize their Pins and campaigns for greater reach and impact. In essence, Pinterest Analytics serves as a powerful tool for users to enhance their presence, engagement, and effectiveness on the platform through strategic data analysis.You can also contact Pigo Likes to buy Pinterest followers and increase your profile interactions in a short time. Thus, all the strategies you make in the analytics section can work better and bring you more interaction.

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